Festival Of Lights With Dj Sholzzie - How It Went Down


DJ Sholzzie

DJ Sholzzie has launched his ideas into reality with the themed event - the Festival of Lights.

The event, which was held on February 18th, was a huge success, with thousands of youths in attendance.

The Festival of Lights is an annual event that celebrates the season of love with a focus on the "LIGHT." The event is a unique concept in the entertainment industry, promoting equality and fair play. The name "Festival of Lights" was coined to signify the importance of light in our lives and its connection to love.

The event featured a range of activities, including a kissing booth, games (such as jenga, snooker, table tennis, throw to win, etc.), a 360 camera, beautiful art performances, and non-stop music from DJ Sholzzie. The participants were all lit with their glow-in-the-dark wristbands, LED foam sticks, and glow sticks, which added color to the event and made everyone feel involved.

The Festival of Lights is an excellent example of how entertainment can promote equality and fairness. DJ Sholzzie's vision for the event was to create an environment where everyone stands on an equal ground, regardless of their status or background. The event was a huge success, with thousands of youths embracing the concept and enjoying the event.

The Festival of Lights is set to become an annual event, with the next edition scheduled for February 18th, 2024. Follow the Festival of Lights on our social media handles for all platforms to get updates on future events and activities.

Pictures from the event can be seen below,

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