Influencer, TheReal Princess Moves To Kick Off Her YouTube Series

Staggering off the elements of being preserved, creative, and supportive in nature, Courage Eiremiokhae Princess Popularly known as TheReal Princess has announced her will to start off her very own YouTube Series.

Also known as a Model, Event Planner/Organizer, Host, Crocheter, influencer, and Creative, Generally. TheReal Princess springs to add more to the collar as she views that there's more she can offer to the creative industry.

Showing off her presence in the recently held 24Hours Locked In With Music And Creatives In Benin City. She had these few interesting things to share and we quote;

I just launched my YouTube channel called Chat With TheRealPrincess; A channel for Bants, chats, cruises, lifestyles and vlogs.


Although we gear up waiting for more details to be unveiled, please stay tuned and subscribe to the channel via the link below:


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