UNIBEN: I Certainly do not like to dwell in past achievements - Red Cross Commandment in Council, Kenneth Asekhamhe Bears it all in new interview [Read Full Interview]

It has been quite a while, having knowing about some of the most about the social community and those that relate directly and indirectly to building a safe place
and acting towards the safety of life. One can easily say that The Red Cross Community has heavenly dwell to act, impacting and being at the point of those in need, when they are in need.

This week,  we went ahead of ourselves and schedule and had a beautiful interview with the current Commandant in Council,

See Interview Below

Interviewer - 
Please for the purpose of readers, who has no idea who you might be, do us the honour to introduce yourself

Asekhamhe Kenneth (RC - CIC) - 
I’m Asekhamhe Kenneth Oshioriamhe, a Final year student of the department of Actuarial Science, and the current Commandant-in-Council of the Nigerian Red Cross Society, University of Benin, Detachment.

Interviewer - 
Commandant in Council, quite a role to play in leading I must say. 

However, been faced with lots of questions about The Red Cross Community and of course during our research in building relationship, we however found out the massive need for this service to be in place. 

However, a lot of people might not fit this to be true, while others are not informed on the services and works rendered by the Red Cross Community. 

Simply for the purpose of understanding, what are the purposes, works and aims of Red Cross?

Asekhamhe Kenneth (RC - CIC) -
Our aim is basically to give relief. Giving relief has been one of the founding phrases that have guided the society till date. Giving relief in terms of Rendering free first aid services or basically making life better, for the next man.

interviewer - 
That's a relief to know the work ethics of this community. 
Now about you, what really pushed, inspired you to be a crosser

Asekhamhe Kenneth (RC - CIC) - 
Funny but i was actually interested after a heated confrontation with a member of the Red Cross here, during my 100L clearance days. I saw his actions as an act of oppression and i was basically moved to join with the hope of causing a change.

Interviewer -
Must have really been a not so easy route but then, would you say at this point that you have been causing a change?

Asekhamhe Kenneth (RC - CIC) -
Most certainly

Interviewer - 
That's a plus we must say. 
Talking about The Red Cross Community, How has it been with your reign as Commandant in Chief?

Asekhamhe Kenneth (RC - CIC) -
Like Williams Shakespeare duly noted, “Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown” My Experience as commandant in council has been quite eventful but I’m grateful for the opportunity and for the wonderful people i have had the opportunity to serve.

Interviewer - 
As the Commandant in Council, what has been your most beautiful experience or moment ??

Asekhamhe Kenneth (RC - CIC) -
Seeing the detachment grow other than that the most beautiful moment would be every event we ever had.

Interviewer - 
Must have been beautiful to see those growth. 

But however, what would you feel you have done better or introduced to this community to enhance it's work.

Asekhamhe Kenneth (RC - CIC) -
We recently invested 10 key staffs of the university as patrons, amongst whom are The Registrar, University PRO, Dean of Students, Dir of works, Deans of various faculties, Professors & other well meaning staffs. 
What we have done here, is to create a pathway for even better collaborations between the society and the school. And very soon the society would be unveiling probably the biggest impactful event the university has witnessed in a while.

Interviewer -
Wow, great development. 

Some rounds of applause, you should get at this point.. 

What really inspired the aspiration to become the commandant I'm council?

Asekhamhe Kenneth (RC - CIC) -
The need to continue from the good works of Ex Commandant Livinus.

Interviewer -
The urge to continue to show good works.

In terms of works, what would regard as the most innovative idea kicked off during your reign to boost the community relevance.

Asekhamhe Kenneth (RC - CIC) -
I certainly do not like to dwell in past achievements, so I would say, the upcoming event is.

Interviewer -
There seems to be alot about the upcoming event, could you please brief us about this

Asekhamhe Kenneth (RC - CIC) -
Basically, we are planning to give the students of the university of Benin an opportunity to get the one thing rhey have always asked for, A Red Cross Certificate.

Interviewer -
That's definitely an admiring feat to attain. 

For those having mixed conception about the Red Cross Society, can you briefly enlighten them on the benefits, about and goals of the community.

Asekhamhe Kenneth (RC - CIC) -
The Red Cross movement, is an avenue for people to learn life saving skills and help the vulnerable, the Red Cross also equip members and non members alike with the kind of certification that is valued anywhere in the world, after proper training. The gains of becoming a member are too numerous to even mention.

Interviewer -
I definitely would want to be a Red Cross Member after this ☺️

It was beautiful having you on our spot, before we let you go. 

Please any last words, shout out or facts you willing to share to anyone reading this?

Asekhamhe Kenneth (RC - CIC) -
It has been my pleasure sir, 
  Lastly i would like to add that Red Cross is for everyone!

Interviewer - 
With this, we simply give a quick round up on this session, once again, thanks for being here with us. 

For anyone willing to reach out to the Redcross Community, Simply Text, Call the numbers below

08021133332 - Joy (Secretary)
09033776579 - Kenneth (Commandant in Chief)


Thanks for being with us. 

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