Hot Gist: DJ URCH Chooses DJ Khizzo Over DJ Ching (See Details)

Entertainment in University of Benin can get messy and yes there has always been notable events, gossips that have you thinking
"oh I thought they were close," well here's another bumpy thoughts that went through my head too.

If you down into Entertainment in University of Benin, then The Popular DJ Urch would definitely be one you can easily know or might have heard from, as though been an OG in University of Benin and CEO Dopethrone Empire which has overtime has be chanelled towards organizing the dopest parties and shut down surprise house parties, He also represent a culture of Entertaining folks. 

In a recent conversation, talk down with The Team of UNIBEN CRITIC, DJ Urch revealed that he would pick DJ KHIZZO over DJ Ching and DJ KEYS, when asked on who he would trust to keep the party grooving if he was organizing an Concert. 

This is as well shocking as Overtime, DJ Urch being Team Leader of Dope Throne which also Houses DJ Ching.

Notably one could have various thoughts but on this note, questions couldn't be raised more as we were dumbfounded but then expertise and business needs no sentiments. 

So to everyone out there, who do you think is better? 


Do you think DJ URCH was wrong to have not picked his right hand man, DJ Ching? 

Let's hear your view

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