Gist - Indigenous Rappers on Campus are not given enough Street Cred - Uniben Student, Rapper, Zaheer Speaks. [Read Details]

The student tussle and hustle to be one of the most amazing and well known entertainer is nevertheless unending. 

This has engineered and push fast rising Hip Hop artiste, ZAHEER to speak up.

The rappers who has been seen with much effort to push his art came out to air his feelings about indigenous rappers on campus not given enough street cred.

This has long be up and running as overtime, indigenous rappers has grown in numbers in campus with the successful reign of Hip Hop Artiste, AY Makanaki, Yung Hyper and lots more...

In little or rare opinions, Indigenous Rappers overtime has enjoyed massive love from students, as though their works don't always get the appraisal and buzz online, they so amass a lot of support while showcasing their art. 

ZAHEER who has also flanked out in being a very entertaining Hip Hop artiste and been affiliated with lighthouse Entertainment claims is nevertheless one to further look way further into

So with that, we hope to see you join the conversation, 

Do you think indigenous rappers in campus are not given enough street cred??

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