Undoubtedly, The Name Don Credo has overtime grown and still growing. Being known in Campus and Familiar to the ears of the students, one can evidently say that Hardwork pays a lot but today we decide to clear our doubts and have the mastermind Fast Rising Artiste tell us more about himself. 

Stay Tuned and learn much about The Super Star Don Credo

 For the sake of those who might have just known your name after bumping into this, can you please tell them about you, 

Who is The Man, Don Credo ?

Don Credo: Don Credo star is a passionate and so much in love with his music, I am a singer and song writer who is still an undergraduate in the university of Benin. 

He is third son of family of OLUKA whom they reside in Delta State, in a community call obinomba. In ukwani local Government area, like as I speak he has done some many Track and currently have a hit track he title my prayer with an official video out already.

Interviewer: Don Credo Star, Quite Interesting. 

I have tried multiple times in question, don't blame me, I try to always want to know.

Why Music? 

Cause we evidently see how hard working you are, but then we just want to know why Music?

Don Credo: I choose music because I so much love music and I derive joy singing and entertaining people, right from my childhood I have started developing interest in music being the fact that I possess the gift, and I can handle jazz band (drum) as a gift which I did not learn how to play it, then as I started growing up I developed interest to learn other instrument with aim of hoping in future to be a music producer. So I see music as my passion.

Interviewer: Passion, a definite tool to succeed, When did you officially kick off your music career?

Don Credo: I started singing my music career since 2014 and officially kick of with dope track 2018  till now.

Interviewer: 4 years, why did it take that long to release a track?

Don Credo: I have a track for long but not made in a quality studio back then.

Interviewer: Now, Being Officially kick off your musical career and being an Artiste, what are you challenges you face?

Don Credo: Alright actually have been facing so many challenges from starting point mostly the people I work with some of them do disappoint me, of which I will then over look it. And as time goes on I will have them as a pass event and also during my first video shooting I had some challenges which I was not so happy about it and also finally sometimes when I want to write a lyrics with getting an inspiration I feel like going crazy. 😁

Interviewer: Next question - By our statistics, you are a student of University of Benin, are there any challenges getting to be known and recognized as an artiste?

Don Credo: Well at first it has been a challenges but now I think I am making little wave in the varsity.

Interviewer: What's your goal, greatest achievement so far?

Don Credo: Well I am doing great currently working on a live concert coming up soon at Hall 2 car park on 6th June 2019, and also have one official video of one of my track title my prayer which currently trending on YouTube.

Interviewer: That's great achievement, what are your expectations for these proceeds.

Don Credo: My great expectation is that at the end i will have more fans in the varsity and beyond.

Interviewer: What's in for your fans, what should they be expecting from you?

Don Credo: Alright I think they should be expecting something great from me and also improvement from my previous work to do much better.

Interviewer: Any last words for your fans, those listening to your songs and much more?

Don Credo: Alright my last word to all my fans is that they should expect more great work from me and improvement  as well and for those listening to my music I say only love and they expect more track yet to be release.

Interviewer: With this, we place an end to this section

It was wonderful having you on our platform, we plan having more sections with you soon. 

With that, thanks for the opportunity given.

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