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Thursday 18th April was nothing in context but lit for everyone who took out time to have fun amidst the hectic and stressful moments they share in campus. 

Yes, You can say it again, University of Benin Students still have that qualities to stay lit and have fun, and with proper knowledge of set up, they are in for it. 

The Annual UNIBEN WELCOME PARTY, packaged by WBG (Water Bottle Gang) EVENT TEAM has always been one to live up for, especially for the fact that it's been organised and attended by virtually the biggest and heaviest students and entertainers in Campus. 

This year has been switched up higher, with venue being placed at BMS CLUB, The anticipated event was graced by Entertainers such as  ABAYOMI DIAMOND, OREKIS, DJ KIZZO, DJ CHING, DJ URCH, DJ OT Musical Artiste such as REEZE, AY MAKANAKI, GEEZE, EMMIX and lots more. 

It was however the biggest yet at this point, but we sure have loved you so we serving you pictures from the event.

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