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Varsity Gist: Entertainment in University of Benin - Past, Present and The Future (Read Details)

If you missed our discussion earlier?  Then feel free to Check It Out.
However meanwhile, Back to The Topic - Entertainment.

In University of Benin, it's no news that the only centric trends aside academics with a lot of participation has to be politics, Don't get this wrong, Politics here is quite  interesting, Controversial, stunning and exciting  to be part of and in all certainty, quite Entertaining too.

However, Unlike Politics may be, Entertainment in University of Benin really didn't seem to steer off with the likes of great admirers, supporters neither was there a credible attention given to Entertainment per say. I mean though of course the student were social, The Participants (Entertainers)  really didn't get to be In that position to engineer the little attention they got for themselves to their advantage. They were multiple Entertainers such as Models, Musical Artistes, Rappers etc but there were less attention recorded for them, and the most they got were cheers and series of applauds when they displayed their art.

With lots of Hardwork, Consistency and Support from a few, Entertainment in University of Benin has grown but , in all honesty, there's still a lot more to be done.

In early 2016, in an interview Rooky Kamiz, OAP, Poet and Recording Artiste, he said "Entertainment in University of Benin is 3%"  now fast forward to this day,  we can't really say the same but we could virtually state that there has been growth and anyone could agree to that too.

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