It was a terrible experience trying to find our way out of the thick forest. The land was so wet, slippery, water logged and dangerous. 

Joe led us on and on, but the more we walked, 
The more confused and lost we got. 
At a point it looked as if we were just going round in circles. 
"Seriously, I thought we could find another way out, instead of the path I took when coming for you guys. It was just a silly mistake, 
Now we are lost " Joe finally said with resignation as we got to another bush path that led to nowhere. 

"No we can't be lost , let's continue moving " I insisted and took the lead, but unfortunately I never knew a deep hole filled with water just like a bad gutter was ahead. 
I simply walked into it and almost drowned. 
My terrible shout instantly filled the air, rattling everyone including forest animals. 
Joe, Jenifer, Tony and chief quickly assisted in getting me out, 
But my scream not only rattled forest animals but also gave away our direction to Raymond's men who were now looking for us. 

12 gun shots was fired at our direction just as I was dragged out of the pit. 
Dozens of lights quickly flashed from afar, 
Signalling us to run as fast as we could. 
To cut short the long story, we finally found a way out after roaming the forest for almost three hours. 
Chief Kelechi got his leg broken, after slipping as we crossed a small creak. 
Jenifer equally had long scratches all over her body but it was neither life threatening nor poisonous. 
The rest of us were fine but exhausted. 

"We got to a small village,  we are not yet safe. The guys after us might probably come from this area. 
We need to hide to till dawn " Joe said seriously, breathing hard as he looked around. 
" I just don't know where we can hide, we still have lots of time before dawn"
 he added as he checked his phone, which still had no network signal. 

Quietly we moved into the village, looking for a place to hide and luckily for us nobody saw us until we got to a small Catholic Church in the middle of the village. 
"Thank God " I breathed as we got to the open church, almost running inside with excitement. 
"Not so fast. This is the only open place we have seen so far. Even a child will search here when looking for us. I bet the guys will be here, 
Since they can't find us in the forest. You are right,  Okay Let's go to the locked chapel behind, we will break in and lock it from inside. 

Nobody is silly enough to break into a chapel, 
So I think we will be safe there if eventually the thugs shows up " Joe said seriously. 
" Holy Mary!, mother of Jesus! 
Break into a chapel?
 God forbid " Jenifer cried. 

"Our God is a merciful God. 
He will understand " 
Joe answered, move forward and broke the chapel key without hesitation. 
We all went in, locked ourselves inside and hid, praying for dawn to approach quickly. 
An hour later, we heard noise and saw torch lights being flashed at the church we wanted to enter earlier...

" Sssssh!  Quiet everybody, They are here "
Tony breathed. 
They flash their torch light!  Searched round but couldn't come inside as the chapel was locked! 
After they left, we took off about an hour later by then it was already 6am.. 

We find our way to Summit Junction in Asaba with the help of an okada man where we boarded a bus to Benin. 
On getting to Benin, we headed straight to the police station where we narrated our ordeal to DSP Enendu. 
He quickly swung into action by contacting his colleagues in delta state. 
Chief Kelechi and Jenifer went to hospital afterwards, while the police, Tony, Joe and I headed back to the village where we were held captive after getting enough details from the priest who declined going with us for his own safety. 

Unfortunately we never found my car nor got any of the thugs when we arrived the village and the forest where we were held captive. 
We searched everywhere but got nothing. 

That was how I lost my tanker and my car in less than a month, but thank God I did not lost my life. 
Indeed my God is able to do exceedingly abundantly and above all we ask. God gave me a second chance to live a very clean Christian life. 

After that incident, Joe become much more than a bodyguard to me from that day. He  became the brother I never had. 
My close ally, my paddy and everything. 

As for Raymond Ikechukwu, he was never caught. 
A situation which made all of us very scared, because he had the means and power to strike back at anytime. 
His sojourn to Europe really made him a master of crime. 

I hosted a big get survival party at my house, three days after our miraculous escape from death. 
I organised a big party for my town union, using that opportunity to apologize to everyone especially Tony who told me that he has forgiven Jennifer and I,  he hugged me at the end of the day and we became friends again. 
It was just such a wonderful and lovely moment. 

A month later Tony got married to Irene,  a beautiful  moment to behold. Latest couple in town. Irene was grateful and felt indebted to me for what I did for her. Tony on his own side was overwhelm with joy that he has finally settle down. 

Finally, Jenifer and I got married two months later in a quiet ceremony. We rushed everything because we found out she was pregnant four weeks after the terrible adventure, 
But unfortunately she lost the baby four days after our wedding. 
A situation that broke our hearts and prompted a very hasty decision from me. 
I decided to move out of Benin city with Jennifer. I quickly made plans and arrangements to travel abroad. 
A month later, we travel to Las Vegas to start a new life, leaving behind my two gas stations and house under Joe's care. 
Jenifer had difficulty in conceiving again, but after a year and 3 months  we were finally blessed with twins, a boy and a girl through surgery. 
However it came with a big price. She will never conceive again, But that never changed the love I have for her. 

I love Jennifer like the air I breath.  I love her with everything in me. 
Six months later after the birth of our lovely twins,  I got a high paying job at Intelligent Technical Solution (ITS) through Jennifer's uncle that based in Las Vegas. With $7,000 as monthly salary, Our life drastically changed for the better.
 From the very first moment I met Jennifer I knew she was the one for me. God used Jennifer to bless and favor me. Now I knew meeting my wife was a divine arrangement ordained by God. 
We are a happy family,  I love my wife, I love my family. They are all I got. 

*** let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival and the success of liberty. (Add *0843414453* to join Dessy's stories world )

*** Grief is the price we pay for love. 

*** To find true love, you must first find a true friend. To love someone completely, you must love them for who they are and not what they look like or what you think they are. 
Friendship is the soil through which love's seeds grow. If you want to bring love into a relationship, you must first bring friendship.

Love is a beautiful thing but sometimes it comes with great price and complications. 
We are in Africa, please love reasonably... 

When the world is against you,  make sure you are standing right with God. For one with Him is majority.. 

***THE END ***

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