The semi Final Betrayal Of Trust  Episode 19

"Now let's get to why you guys are here "Raymond addressed us coldly, 

While we all listened with rapt attention. 

" I'm solely doing this because you guys turned your back on my late father. You all watched him die a very painful death without raising a finger to help. 
You all stood and watched while the old man suffered horrible pain and hardship. 
All he needed to live was just  three hundred thousand naira (300,000) for surgery. 

He begged you Chief Kelechi, he begged you Tony, he equally begged you Emeka but you all told him to go to hell. 
He tried everything possible to borrow money from you guys but no, his life wasn't worth such amount of money " he poured out hoarsely, drawing more fear from us with his outburst. 
I instantly remembered his father. I remembered how the old man virtually knelt before me, begged for a hundred and fifty thousand Naira which he promised would be settled by his son Raymond when he comes home. 
I couldn't give him the money because I was scared that I wasn't going to get it back, 
Because I never trusted Raymond and none of his other children were capable of paying back such amount. 
But seriously I never knew the old man was dying. 
"Oh now I see, you guys are now quite huh? 
"he continued coldly, drew close to Chief Kelechi, held him by the collar of his shirt and jerked him up. 

"My dad came to you for help, after turning him back many times, you had to deceive him into giving you his only land, a 3 plot of land,
Yet instead of the three hundred thousand Naira he asked for, 
All you could give him was a hundred and fifty thousand Nair, 
Forcing him to fall on my old friend Tony " he coldly said to the scared chief before facing Tony who couldn't utter a single word. 

I'm always the bad guy. I'm the rascal in everything. But You Tony, you got me in the situation that made helping my father impossible. 
We ran a deal in Italy, you snitched on us, 
You snitched on your friends, made a deal with Italian police,  
Faked an ambush and made it look as if the authorities seized everything. 
You ran back to Nigeria to enjoy while we are been tortured in Italian prison down there. Yet you found it hard to lend a hundred and fifty thousand Naira to my father after learning of his condition. Tony you are wicked, you are in my custody now, God will punish you.
Yes I'm always the bad guy " he said to him coldly before facing Jenifer and I... 

"Oh Lord what's your own crime " Jenifer cried, 
Holding me tightly. I closed my eyes froze in fear as i said my last prayers. 
I knew for certain that revenge mission never ends well. 
Things were surely more terrible than I expected. 
"And you Emeka, a small boy with no conscience. 
You couldn't help out an old man who was your your father's best friend just because you wanted to buy a tanker. 
Now where is the tanker? 
 he asked coldly, laughed sarcastically, ignored Jenifer and faced Chief Kelechi again. 

"You are not of any use to me anymore. I was able to get three million naira from your family without the police knowing " he addressed him, breathed deeply and looked at me again. 

" I have your ATM cards, likewise Tony's. I hope there won't be a problem getting the pin codes from you guys tomorrow? 
he asked but we all kept quiet, saying nothing. 

"Believe me, it pains me to do this but I have profit to make and my boys to settle.  
Do have a wonderful night. And remember Today might be your last night " he concluded, walked out, locked the door and left us very scared to even say anything to each other. 

The room was totally quiet like a cemetery for minutes after he left, before I bravely cleared my throat. 
" it's obvious we are all going to die. It's better we turn things around by trying to escape, 
Since we got nothing to lose trying? "I asked with little hope. 
" I don't have the strength. I told you already that there's a guy positioned outside to watch us " Chief Kelechi answered weakly, 
While Tony kept quiet, annoying me with his silence. 
"Relax my love, whatever will be, will be" Jenifer whispered to me. 
I bit my lips and thought about my life and tears freely fell from my eyes. 
Three hours later, the whole place was in total darkness with cries from animals making the night more scary. 
Jenifer soon slept on my arms while Tony and Chief Kelechi snored as if they were having a snoring competition. I was far from being comfortable and the fear of dying equally shut out sleep from my body. 
I prayed to God, begging him to forgive and Grant me a new chance. 
I promised to become a good Christian if only I get out of this present situation. 

"Dear Lord give me another chance. I can't die now. Don't allow me to die prematurely like my parents. Lord if you give me this second chance I promise I will worship you for the rest of my life if I get away from here. 
I will start going to church. I will spread and honour your holy name " I sobbed seriously. 
I was still crying and praying when someone noiselessly broke into the hut with a torch light, 
Flashing the light over our faces. 
I froze with fear, not knowing what to make of it. 
"Sssssh Oga is me Joe, I'm here to get you out. I'm here to do my job"
 I heard Joe say softly. 
Tears of joy instantly replaced the painful tears I was shedding. 
It was very hard for me to believe it was real. 

"How the hell did you get here?
 Did you bring the police? " 
I asked curiously. 
"No I didn't bring the police because of so many reasons. 
As for how I get here I never left when I ran away. 
It was just a tactical strategy. 

The boys searched for me but couldn't get me. 
Let's move fast. There's no mobile network down here and the terrain is very bad. 
Seriously I don't know how far we can get, 
Because we are in the middle of nowhere with just two torch lights " he said, drew forward and woke Jenifer. 
" I have another torch light in my back pocket. Take it and let's move " he said quietly. 

"I'm not leaving without my two brothers Tony and Chief. I have to wake them as well, I said, got up and headed towards Tony. 
"Oga these people are going to slow us down, hope you know in the middle of nowhere. It really wasn't easy knocking out the only guy watching this place and getting 
Have you imagined what will happen to us if we are caught? " Joe asked desperately, 
But I paid no attention to him and did what is in my mind by waking Tony and Chief. 
In no time we were out of the hut, but then it was one thing to escape from captivity and another thing to get to safety. 

It was one night of hell In the dark forest.
We got lost a hundred times, 
Trying to find another escape route in the thick mangrove forest... 
Now is the journey of life and death!

Do you think they can make it alive in an unknown area like this?

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