The Betrayal Of Trust Episode 18

I threw another look at Tony, not knowing what to make out pof the things happening to all of us. 

I truly was astonished seeing him held in the same room, but couldn't say anything to him since he felt like ignoring me. 
I drew close and hugged Jenifer. Baby  don't tell me you won't speak to Tony even in this situation " Jenifer asked me with a smile, 
Desperately trying to make peace between us.

I breathed deeply, force out a smile and stared at Tony who quickly looked away. 
" seriously I'm surprised to see you here. I thought you are the one plotting everything? 
I asked him curiously. 

Chief Kelechi scoffed and shook his head while Tony ignored me by saying nothing. 

"Since you are not the person behind this drama, who then could it be?? 

Moreover how did you get here? 
I thought only chief Kelechi was kidnapped
I asked him curiously. 

" Just shut up and keep quiet. I don't have your time " he finally responded coldly. 

"Tony was brought in here hours before you guys came in. So save your breath young man. I eat only once in a day and I don't know if your own fate will be worst, and mind you they are not holding us for ransom.
I think something big is going down "
Chief Kelechi advised seriously. 
I swallowed hard and gently sat on the floor, 
Extremely scared and nervous. 

"Do you think they are going to kill us? "
 I asked fearfully. 
" I think so, since we weren't kidnapped for ransom. 
Moreover the guy watching us didn't bother hiding his identity or cover his face " chief Kelechi answered weakly. 
" I have been here for many days now and I can tell you it's terrible. 
I haven't poured water on my body since I got here. 
To urinate, you have to shout and shout until the silly boy outside decides to open the door " he concluded sadly. 
"This is ridiculous, we can't just sit and wait for death. After all we aren't tied " I said desperately. 

"Do you think our captors are silly to leave us untied? 
We are in the middle of nowhere surrendered by forest and swamps " Tony cut in a raised tone. 
" I admire your courage ,but I'm too weak to join in such adventure. 

I have already said my last prayers " chief Kelechi added with resignation, 
While tears freely fell from Jenifer's eyes. 
"So we are all dying together " 
she cried sorrowful, and of course she was very right. 
We all might be dying together but so optimistic of one thing. 
The person behind the whole drama would reveal himself before executing us. 
Nightfall slowly approached, drawing more fear to my heart as darkness gradually filled up every where. 
We all sat on the bare floor, so tired, hungry and hopeless. 
We weren't given even a cup of water all through that day. 
" I think the end has come. They failed bringing even a cup of water for me " chief Kelechi said to himself, 
While I caressed Jenifer's hand with tension. 
But before darkness could totally cover up the whole room, our prison door opened, revealing the man behind everything to us. 

His name was

Raymond Ikechukwu 

We all gasped with shock on seeing him. He is no other person but a member of our community, 
Though not related to any of us but 
Well known in the community.... 
He was a very popular rascal who terrorized our community some years back when I was still a student. 
He was among the guys who left the country with Tony to hustle abroad. 
Unfortunately things didn't go well for him over there and nobody heard from him again till that very moment he walked into that room. 

We never for a moment suspected he was back in the country. 
Moreover he failed to show up at his father's burial late last year. 
His father was my late dad's friend who died after struggling to manage diabetics which ate up one of his legs. 
He died after unsuccessful struggling to raise money for surgery. 
It really was a painful and long story. 

Chief Kelechi was the first to jump up with fear on seeing him. 
The look on his face clearly showed that they had some unresolved issues, like wise Tony who froze with fear on seeing him. 

But what I couldn't figure out was my business with him that warranted my involvement to the extent of kidnapping Jenifer. 
We are not age mates, friends, neither did we do any business together. 

" Raymond what's the meaning of this? "
Chief Kelechi asked with fear. 

Chief! chief!! relax, we have enough time. 
You will all hear your sins. 
Raymond answered. 
You know,  My sojourn in Europe taught me a lot. 
It taught me never to fail getting back on anyone that hurt me. 

This is a revenge mission.
 So relax " he smiled coldly and licked his lips.... 
Raymond really had a bad heart, wicked and mean
There wasn't any doubt he was going to kill all of us but 
I just couldn't wait to ask what I did to him nor allow him to hurt Jenifer without a fight 

What could be Emeka's sin? 

Next episode soon 

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