The Betrayal Of Trust Episode 17

"Yea my love but its not over yet "she replied and kissed me happily.
We later had a quiet evening in one of the restaurants in town,

Where we discussed our challenges, love and upcoming marriage.
We were very hopeful that things would get better.
The person trying to ruin us was still free out there and probably making more plans.
Days slowly dragged by without any news of the missing chief.
It all looked like one giant conspiracy and I never for a moment let my guard down,
But then it never stopped whatever that was destined to happen from happening.

Jenifer was abducted from my house a week later.

How did it happen??
Yea I know Jenifer's abduction looks like an exaggeration to boost up the story.

In fact to me, it equally sounded very strange and unbelievable when I got the news as well.

Now it all happened on that fateful day, I left my house by 6:00 am in order to supervise a delivery which arrived very late the previous night in one of gas stations.
However I first headed to Joe's house to pick him up to accompany me, because I was still scared of the unknown.
Not up to 5 minutes we drove out from  Joe's house I got a call that  shocked me from a friendly neighbour.

"Oga Emeka I saw you drive out minutes ago, please stay low where ever you are.
Some hoodlums just got to your compound five minutes ago and they are shooting sporadically.
Please stay away, I'm seeing everything from my house " he informed me nervously.
"oh my God " I shouted.
"Please can you see their car, please I need more information " I begged desperately.
"yea they came with a red tinted  Camry car.
 I don't know how many of them are in the car or
In your compound " he answered.
"shit " I screamed, hung up and dialled D.S.P Enendu's phone number, equally reversing my car at the same time as if I was James Bond,
While Joe stared at me curiously.
I told officer Enendu of the latest development and he assured me that his men will be at my house as if I had nine lives.
"Where are we going sir?
Joe asked with fear after listening to my conversation with Enendu.

Sir, please let's not  go to your house now it's dangerous.

With a raised tone, Joe listen, if you know what is good for you, don't try to stop me " I replied seriously.
"This is madness, you aren't thinking straight, your house is the last place you should be right now " he begged,
But his pleas fell on deaf ears.
My mind was only on Jenifer's safety.

However as we got to the junction leading to my street, I got another phone call from one of the guys guarding my house.
"madam oo, madam oo. They took madam " he cried over the phone, confirming my fears.

Just at that point, a red tinted Camry which fitted the description of the hoodlums car I was given, came up at the junction and headed towards the opposite direction with an eye catching speed.
I quickly followed them without any care for my life or safety, though I kept a safe distance behind.
The morning traffic equally worsened the situation by giving the hoodlums enough space to speed dangerously.
In no time, we got to Akpapava juction and the hoodlums negotiated the delta /onitsha high way and I followed them, speed with them without encountering a single police check point.

" I don't understand what you are trying to do " Joe protested seriously.

"We have a good chance of finding their hideout and solving all these mysteries once and for all by following them.
This is the time to prove yourself to me " I grinned coldly.

"Sir remember we also have a good chance of losing our lives in the process.
This is madness " he lamented bitterly.
 I scoffed and drove on without another word.
The speeding Camry definitely held the answers I badly needed and i couldn't afford losing it.
A very risky decision. It really was a very  scary adventure with high risk of ending badly. I threw caution to the wind and followed the kidnappers,
Ignoring pleas from Joe to stop and make a better plan.
The red Camry soon got to a junction some kilometers into Asaba and took a sharp turn,
Heading right with great speed.
I followed without care, increasing my speed a bit and
Trying hard not to lose the escaping car which really was driven by a very skilled driver.

"Sir, my problem with you is that you find it hard to take any advice from me.
How do you think we will follow them all the way from Benin without being noticed??

We are heading to an unknown territory. They might be leading us to a trap " Joe protested desperately but I still was unmoved by his protest.
Anyway he was right.
I failed to realise that just as I was good with following the speeding Camry without much stress,
The occupants of the car equally weren't foolish not to have notice a car following them all the way from Benin city.
In a couple of minutes we got to a very lonely road typical of most Nigerian villages.

The Camry increased its speed forcing me to increase mine too,  it was a very silly mistake that almost cost me everything.
Not being familiar with road, I failed to notice a sharp bend and bump ahead, which forced me to step on my brakes as I almost lost control of my car on getting to the spot with full speed.

Just that same moment, I saw the red Camry, turn and faced us, face to face with death, that moment goose pimples instantly appeared on my body as it send shiver to my spine, indecisive on what to do,  because I had no time to control my car, stop, reverse and flee.
All I did was to  gasp as the Camry car get  closer to us.
The lonely road was very clear and empty,
A very good place to commit any kind of crime without being detected.
I saw death before my very eyes.
"oh noooo " Joe screamed, opened the door by his side and dive into the nearby bush,
leaving me to my fate. I nervously tried to do a skillful maneuver but it yielded no positive result.
The Camry, quickly blocked me while its occupants jumped out with guns ready to shoot.
"get out " three voices screamed at me. I quickly switched off my car,
Climbed out and surrendered by raising up my hands,
My heart pounding furiously.

"Welcome to your death, foolish man "
 one of the thugs said to me.
I instantly felt hot water run down my trouser.
I never knew when I urinated on myself.
Joe was nowhere to save my ass.
Of course he warned me and by the look of things he wasn't ready to die with a foolish man like me.
I was expertly sent on my knees by a nasty kick from the thug who earlier called me a fool.
I shivered and looked on, so scared to even breathe.
It just looked as if am facing a firing squad.
Another thug quickly came forward with something which looked like a perfume, spit on me and sprayed the chemical over my face.
I quickly became unconscious,
Waking hours later to find myself inside a small room built with mud...
The mud house was exactly like the type seen in old native films.

However it had good ventilation and cracks through which sunlight came in, making the place less scary.
But the surprising part of it all was seeing my sweet  Jenifer, chief Kelechi Onuoha  and Tony inside the same room as I slowly opened my eyes.
It all looked like a dream. I couldn't believe myself.
"Thank God you are awake " Jenifer murmured with excitement and quickly helped me sit up.

I stared at chief Kelechi and Tony who sat together at the far end of the room as if they were ghosts.
"Just to be sure I wasn't dreaming,
how many of us are in this room? " I weakly asked Jenifer.
She nervously smiled, throwing a look at them.
" your uncle, Tony and I are in here with you " she answered softly.
I quickly broke free from her, headed to the locked door and tried to break it with the little strength I had left.

"That's a very silly thing to do. We are in the heart of a forest, probably near a creck.
Don't try using up your last strength, believe me you will need it.
A guy is also outside watching us, he won't hesitate sending you back to sleep with their nasty chemical.
Better relax " chief Kelechi  said to me, chilling my heart with the painful revelation.
I swallowed hard, turned and stared at Jenifer who nodded with tears.
I threw another look at Tony, not knowing what to make of the things happening to all of us.
I truly was astonished seeing him held in the same room,
But couldn't say anything to him since he felt like ignoring me. I drew close and hugged Jenifer.
Have you ever been in a life threatening situation with the people you care about?

If yes, then you surely will understand how I felt that moment.
Who the hell kidnapped all of us then???

***(EMEKA)  sometimes due to our guilt conscience we acusse the wrong people!  Thinking they are behind our misfortune!

***(TONY)  it's so hard to forget pain, but it's even harder to remember sweetness. We have no scar to show for happiness. We learn so little from peace.

*** ( CHIEF KELECHI)  turn your wounds into wisdom.

*** (JENIFER ) There are wounds that never show on the body that are deeper and more hurtful than anything that bleeds. That's betrayal  of trust! 

*** (JOE)  I see it all perfectly. There are two possible situations. One can either do this or that. My honest opinion and my friendly advice is this : do it or do not do it. You will regret both.

*** (UNKNOWN KIDNAPPER)  it has been said, time heals all wounds. I do not agree.
The wounds remain, In time, the mind, protecting its sanity, covers them with scar tissue and the pain lessens.
But it never gone.
"I've had enough, I've seen enough, I want it to end, I don't care anymore!"

Then who is the kidnapper?

Who is this enemy that burnt my tanker and want my downfall?

Who is this unknown enemy to 3 brothers that became enemy?

Let's see on next episode!
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