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The betrayal Of Trust  Episode 15

Could you believe I was forcefully dragged to the state police headquarters like a criminal that same night. 

" As I alighted from my car that fateful Sunday evening, very tired and hungry from a long journey. 
A team of policemen confronted me in my house. 
"We have information to believe that you kidnapped one chief Onuoha. 

We are here to search your house and take you to our station for questioning " an elderly police inspector said to me,
Taking me by surprise with his words. 
" chief Kelechi Onuoha kidnapped? 
"I asked with shock. 

"Stop wasting our time and open up your apartment " he barked seriously, 
While his colleagues held their guns with all seriousness pointing it at me. 

I drew back and nodded at Jenifer. 
"My dear, open up the house for them " I said to her, without bothering to ask the annoying policeman to produce the search warrant needed to search my house. 

Seriously that's a question you dare not ask a policeman in Nigeria especially when out numbered by policemen unless you are a powerful politician
Or someone with connections to the top... 

Five policeman followed Jenifer to my apartment while two others searched my car. 
The police inspector cautiously stood with me, 
Watching out for any funny move from me. 
"Seriously I don't understand what is going on " I complained to him. 

"Chief Kelechi Onuoha was abducted from his house this morning and some of his brothers reported to us that you threatened to deal with him " he answered coldly. 
"chai!" I exclaimed. 
"It was just a family gathering and we quarrelled. I didn't fight with him alone, we all exchange hurtful words which is very typical of family meeting. 
He threatened to deal with me and I threatened back. 
C'mon the fight was all about the lady who just went into my apartment with your men. 

We argued because they were against me marrying her. 
How can I kidnap my uncle because of that? "
 I desperately explained to him, but all he did was to shrug.
" I have my orders and that's what I'm here for " he answered coldly. 

I bit my lips angrily, I was very hungry and tired after a very long Journey from Jenifer's village. 
In fact I was boiling inside and out. 
" God " I breathed and glanced at my watch which displayed 6:45 pm. 
Jenifer and the five officers who went in to search my apartment soon came out with nothing, sweating and breathing hard. 

"We found nothing sir " they said to the inspector who shrugged and faced me. 
"We are going to our station. You will meet the detective handling the case there I 'm merely carrying out orders. 

We are from the state police headquarters, 
So it will be in your best interest to obey and go with us. 
You can speak your grammar to the detective. 
He will enjoy your company because he is also a lawyer who likes grammar a lot. 

All these book people, i'm tired of them " he said humorously, while his men laughed out hard. 

I shook my head, sighed and entered my car. 
One of the policemen quickly joined me, while Jenifer entered into the back seat. 
"baby, please go to the house and wait for me " I begged. 
"No this is our fight. I'm fighting this battle with you remember "she answered strongly. 
" hey move this car now " the policeman with us ordered coldly, forcing me to start the engine and drive to the state police headquarters with my Jenifer on the back seat. 

On getting to the police headquarters which really was very scanty 
Due to the time of the day. We were led to a small office where I nervously sat and waited for the detective who ordered for my presence to show up.

"Baby please relax your mind my dear, and be polite when the officer shows up, even though I seriously think something else is going on which we are yet to understand "
 Jenifer begged, softly holding my hand. 
I breathed deeply and nodded my head.

"Surely something else is going on. This isn't just the old fight between Tony and I " I replied quietly. 
"And the chief in question do you think he can go as far as faking his own kidnap or accusing you of such crime?
she asked curiously. 

"No chief Kelechi Onuoha isn't like that. He's not the type of men who spend money on something with no gain. 
He has other ways of dealing with me not this way a and moreover we only exchanged words like brothers. 
It wasn't something to be taken seriously " I answered. 
"And Tony I know, won't go as far as kidnapping just to frame you up " Jenifer added sadly. 

" I think someone else is behind everything happening, and the person is so smart to cash in on the current crisis to achieve what I really don't know " I concluded. 

"If really someone else is behind all these, it means the person knows you, Tony, and the chief very well " she added, dropping her eyes. 
"c'mon baby cheer up " I said to her, forcing out a smile. 

A little age man came into the room that moment interrupting us. 
" You are Mr Emeka right? "
 he asked with a strong tone which instantly made me realise  he was the man we were waiting for. 
He was modestly dressed in white shirt and black trouser.
"yea" I nodded and stood up. 

"I'm D.S.P Enendu, the detective handling the kidnap of chief Kelechi but as you can see, 
It's late to question you and I can't allow you go home " he said seriously while I scoffed with disbelief. 

"Wait a minute, you can't be serious?  
Are you trying to say that I'm spending the night in this station? 

For what reason? 
 Thank God you are a lawyer, so you have no excuse to abuse the rule of law " I shouted surprising him. 
"Your men tore my house apart without any warrant I kept quiet. 
Your men brought me here without any consideration to my feelings, i still kept quiet. 
But what I can't accept is passing the night in a cell as long as you got nothing on me. 

Just try it and I'm going to sue you and the whole police command for abusing my human rights, illegal detention, character assassination and anything else I can think of. 
I have the money and I will make sure I pay the press and every newspaper in the country to cover the proceedings. 

Just try and make me spend one night here " I screamed with desperation. 
Deep down I was scared and afraid, wondering how I would survive the night in a place I have heard so many terrible stories about. 
I screamed at the officer not out of courage but fear, while Jenifer kept pinching my hand as I ranted, pleading for me to stop, 
But fortunately my words had a terrible effect on the officer who drew back and studied me curiously. 
I saw slight fear in his eyes which gave me little hope that perhaps the young officer wouldn't dare risk his promising career by 
Detaining a proud rich  boy over a mere accusation...

He scratched his head and breathed deeply, while I hopefully watched him. 
My heart pounding furiously. 

To be continued tomorrow.

Hmmmm trouble here and there

Who is doing this to Emeka?

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