Being an Entertainer, Undergraduate is such one of the complex mixups that requires a lot of push, motivation, passion and focus in other to do great in both field. 

School is hectic and being an entertainer struggling to live your dreams might really not be an easy route but then would be worth it. 

Just this past weekend, Popular Talented Hip Hop and Performing Artiste, HARRY CARTER took to his social media page to share his experience as he round out his internship (Teaching Practice), an obligation which is carried out by every student at this specific time. 

The Internship which went on for 6weeks definitely turned out to be a wild, revealing and heartfelt moment for the budding superstar, as he shared a picture with his students with the caption below

Being an Intern teacher to 100 Female students for 6 Weeks was stressful,teaching isn’t new to me so I understood the burden when I saw my name on that list,it made me think a lot about our Educational system and how unsafe and unprepared these girls are for the real world. 6weeks is too short to be a sensei,but somehow, however rugged ,they’ll learn. They would always say they like l the way say things “my accent” they mean and call me “uncle frosh” and I often loved the confidence they have to tell me “uncle,you’re cute” Be confident I’ll tell them. They were so inquisitive about my background and real life some even found me on Facebook lol. I couldn’t give a perfect farewell speech lol I pray they achieve their dreams and grow big in their endeavors. I had to switch my persona to “Modest” to manage their inexperience. A period in my parallel existence

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