We passed through a restaurant for our lunch before we drove to Stacy's home. After we were settled, she told me to be strong as what she was going to tell me was heartbreaking. I asked a lot of questions
whether Barry was alive or not and Stacy answered that he was fine. After a 10 minute silence, she told me that Barry had married a woman from Livingstone and they were on honeymoon in Mombasa.
I couldn't believe my ears, was I dreaming or not? I tried asking a lot of questions and before Stacy could answer her work mate came over. She introduced herself as Yvonne; actually she was the cousin of the girl whom Barry had married and she even attended their wedding. Stacy and Yvonne were not friends per se, and they worked in different departments.
Hence, after Yvonne showed the wedding pics of her cousin Carol to her colleagues at work, that's how they became a bit closer. Stacy called Yvonne by the side so that she could give her the info about Barry's wedding and she did. Yvonne was invited to Stacy's house so that she could prove to me that the news about Barry was really true! 
Yvonne explained everything about Barry and Carol's relationship. ''They met seven months ago while Barry had gone to Livingstone for work '' narrated Yvonne. She was in shock and surprised that Barry could treat a woman like that. She also couldn't believe Carol and I could not meet at all, because she often visited Barry at his house and vice versa! Yvonne showed us the wedding pictures, but I was in denial and lost for words.Reality struck me when I looked at the pictures for the third time. I couldn't hold my emotions, I burst into tears to an extent where the two girls failed to console me but joined in shedding tears!.
I went back home and just the look on my face told my parents all wasn't well. I couldn't hide such a thing because it was really devastating! I could see my father was extremely disappointed, but all he told me was ''cry it over so that it comes out. This is a lost battle not worth fighting for, you see my daughter, he is now a married man. Don't contact him, you will just be hurting yourself. When the dust is settled, I will ask him to come and collect his bride price (dowry)''said my father. My mother comforted and assured me that it was just a phase that will come to pass, hard as it might be!
I saw my world crumbling right in my face, how was I going to carry on? The load was too heavy for me as it came as a blow, no quarrel nor misunderstanding, but where did I go wrong to be treated like this?. How was I going to handle the situation, especially that the kitchen party /wedding preps had started? The wedding dresses, what was I going to do with them? Why was he leading me on if he knew he was going to marry another woman? It would have been better if he had broken up with me before asking for my hand in marriage... No one is perfect and I placed Barry in ''the not all men cheat category'',alas I was wrong!Instead what he put me through was deep and beyond my expectations!.My head all of a sudden became crowded of so many thoughts and unanswered questions...

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