Heartbreak hurts. If you’ve ever had a broken heart before, you will definitely understand how it feels. I
was terribly hurt by my fiancé Barry but I managed to get up and started living again. It wasn't easy at all because he was my first love. Figuratively, he was the air I breathed, I worshipped him, he was simply my life and I never for once saw us breaking up. (you just know how it is when you are head over heels in love with someone).
I met Barry when I was in Grade 11 and he was in his 1st year at the university. We attended the same church but different congregations. We were close as friends and he would help me with school work whenever I faced difficulties. The chemistry that started brewing between us, especially when I started college was evident and got people talking. Eventually we had no choice but to announce our relationship! Barry got a good job upon completion and I was so happy for him, but just after six months he was given a scholarship to go and study abroad for 2 yrs!
I was sad when Barry left, but happy that we kept contacts on a daily basis. It was like love made in heaven. The distance between us made our love grow stronger and was assurance enough that I had nothing to worry about!...We had our high and low moments but we figured out the secret ingredient to making our relationship look so easy. The great thing was we could confide in each other about anything and in return we got the honest feedback.A year later, when Barry came for his vacation he proposed to me, it was really a wonderful occasion graced by some of our close relatives and friends.
Two years went so quickly and Barry was finally back for Good. As I still lived under my parent's roof, I crooked up a planned of how I was going to spend my weekend with Stacy my best friend. My parents did not object, but they advised me to be careful. Off I went, Just by the corner Barry was waiting for me and we went to his house. It was a wonderful weekend and I was ready to lose my virginity, but came back to my senses that we promised to wait.Barry was a gentle man because he understood, if it were for others it would have been a different story!
Anyways, our love kept growing and Barry had to come to my parent's house four months later and asked for my hand in marriage. After he was charged, he paid it all at once the following weekend and proposed if we could have both the kitchen and wedding parties within 5 months. It was a done deal  and it was further agreed that the events be done two weeks apart! That was how my excited mother and aunties started forming committees for the kitchen party!! ..

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