Episode 2

"are you alright? " I heard Tony ask seconds later, as he walked to the kitchen exit door, trying to open it, but to my surprise,

The door was locked with a key and the key was nowhere in sight.....

Not knowing what to do,
I gently sat on a small kitchen stool and eavesdropped on the conversation going on in the sitting room.

"Jenifer you don't look too well to me,
What's wrong with you my love? "
 Tony asked again.
"I'm alright, it's just a little headache "
she replied calmly.

"No I think there's more to it than just headache.
You have behaved funny lately, we
Hardly spent quality time together.
C'mon my love you are changing "
he poured out with all his soul.
My heart throbbing furiously.
The conversation going on between my friend and Jenifer really was of great interest to me.
How to carry on with my plans solely depended on all the secrets I could gather between the two love birds.
I had every reason to listen to their conversation.

"Please Tony, stop being paranoid, I haven't changed in anyway "
I heard Jenifer reply,
While something like a kissing sound instantly filled my ears, making me bite my lips with Fury.

"Oh Tony stop please. I told you I have a headache and all you you can do is kiss me.
Just leave I want to rest please "
she hissed,
Relieving my fury a great deal.

I smiled to myself.

" Alright I'm sorry, I guess I have to leave in order for peace to reign.

I'm going over to Emeka's place. I will call you later
 "Tony said quietly and left.
"okay my dear, I'll be expecting your call.

Seconds later, I heard noises from the entrance door which clearly confirmed that my friend Tony was leaving.
I breathed deeply, smiled to myself and stood up.

My phone instantly rang, shocking and frightening me with its loud tone.

I pulled it from my trousers pocket and notice that it was Tony calling me.
I hissed, ignored the call and
Looked up to see Jenifer staring at me with shock.

"What on earth are you still doing here?
You must be definitely crazy "
she screamed.

"Oh yes, loving you made me crazy, sweetheart "
 I answered, drew close and kiss her roughly.
She instantly pushed me away, leaving another slap on my face.

" why are so keen on bringing your dignity this low, my God,
she breathed with resignation.
"You already know the answer dearie.
I'm very much in love with you and i won't rest until I make you my wife.

All of me loves all of you" I answered with all my heart.
"oh please spare me that trash" she murmured.

"I'm very serious baby. The last thing I will do is taking advantage of you.
 My love is very real, just give me a chance to prove it to you my love.
I pleaded.

"The last thing on your mind is taking advantage of me huh?
So what should I call the kisses and caresses you have been delivering to me?"
she asked coldly.

I closed my eyes and smiled.
" let's sit down and talk "
I pleaded, grabbed her hand and led her back to the sitting room.

We slowly sat on the couch, yes is true we tried making love some minutes ago but now am just shot of what to say so we stared at each other silently.

"Oh your eyes. Your eyes are so wondrous" I murmured while she blushed deeply.

I so madly wanted Jenifer. I so desperately wanted to have all of you.
I knew it was going to be a long battle, but I was determined,
Very determined.
"I seriously do love you.

Jennifer I don't really know what else to say in order to convince you " I said softly,
Searching Jenifer's eyes.

"You don't understand, all I'm saying is that what you are doing isn't right.
Moreover your friend Tony is very much in love with me and I love him too.
There's no vacancy in my heart right now.
Please just do the right thing, go and forget about me " she pleaded solemnly.
" No I can't " I answered strongly, frowning my face.
"very well then, Tony will get to hear of your disturbance, I can't hide it from him anymore " she threatened and stood up.
I equally stood up and faced her.

"Yea do the right thing and tell him. It makes no difference to me " I breathed, kissed her left cheek and hurriedly left the apartment.
It wasn't as if I was escaping or something. I only left in order to give her the breathing space she needed in thinking over my advances.
I knew she wasn't going to tell Tony anything.
As I headed to my car, my phone rang again. It was still tony calling me.
I breathed deeply and answered.
"Oga Tony "I hail oo.
Where are you ?

You haven't been answering your calls,
He asked.
"Oh sorry. I left the phone in my car,
So where are you now?
" I'm just leaving your house now ,thought you were there "he said.

"Fine let's meet at prestige hotel. Let's chill out there for awhile " I suggested.
"No Emmy,  I rather go home and sleep. My day was stressful and hard.
Jenifer also isn't helping at all, she's been acting so strange lately.
I wanted to discuss many things with you but we can leave it for tomorrow "
he said and hung up.
I shrugged, switched on my car engine and drove home.

Hmmmm wahala go dey...

To be continued

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