Episode 01

I struggled with the girl before me, weakening her with my strong hold. she kept quiet and lifted up her face to me.
"Emmy I beg of you, let me be. just leave me alone.

Things shouldn't happen between us "she pleaded passionately.
I stared into her eyes, breathing deeply. Yea she was right.
I very much knew I was doing a terrible thing, but
just couldn't resist her charms because she was simply magnificent.
I was so bewitched by her beauty and she equally was everything I expected in a woman.
she was so comely, homely, beautiful and sexy.
But unfortunately she was my best friend's girl which really got me in a very bad position.
I was simply torn between doing the right thing and letting her go or doing the wrong thing and satisfying my needs.
But no, I couldn't just let her go.
she was worth more than anything to me.
I swallowed hard, brought down my head and kissed her softly.
she struggled once again, drew away from me and landed a very terrible slap on my face.
"Jeez think Emmy. just look at what you are doing. take a look at your life" she screamed.
Hmmmm, my name is Emeka, fondly called Emmy by friends and I used to be a guy who was good in getting his way in everything.
Though I'm nothing but an ordinary graduate who was lucky to inherit a little fortune from his late parents.
I owned two mega fuel stations in Benin city which really made me very comfortable.
as for the girl who just slapped me,
she teached in one of the secondary schools within the city and I got to know from my bosom friend Tony who introduced her to me a couple of months back and from that moment,
I began disturbing the girl with all I got.
she kept refusing my advances but it never stopped me from knowing that she cared for me because if she didn't she would have reported me to my friend from the very first moment I began showing interest in her.
"Everything about you excites me my love. I want you. I can't refrain myself any longer "I breathed.
" no this shouldn't be. just go home and take a good bath.
please leave, you are just horn and nothing else.
so get out right now "she commanded.
"no baby, I can't.
Tell me you feel nothing for me? "I asked.
she stared at me for some seconds, turned and backed me, folding her hands.
I slowly grabbed her from behind.
my lips went straight to her neck, kissing it softly,
the sweet scent from her hair filling my nostrils.
" you are so beautiful. I'll even betray my mother for you "I murmured, running my hands through her laps up to her stomach,
gently gunning for the breasts.
she struggled weakly and moaned.
"please stop. I beg of you.
stop this madness right now " she begged,
but her words only encourage me.
in no time I was holding her bosoms, fondling and caressing them to satisfaction.
my body was on fire, ready for a nasty quickie.
I dragged her to a couch, gently lowered her on it with my body on her.
she was still wrestling weakly,
But her body language told me she was enjoying it.
slowly I expertly pulled off her blouse and ready to pull off my clothes for great price.
"at last " I breathed, slowly reaching under neath her short skirt.
my left hand slowly went in, feeling her wet pant.
"yeah baby "I moaned, but unfortunately someone knocked at the door that very moment, forcing her to push me away with great strength.
"my God. He is here .
dress up and leave through the kitchen.
Be fast, oh God " she begged nervously,
pushing me towards the kitchen.
I controlled my emotions, headed to the kitchen and speedily dressed up.
"are you alright? " I heard Tony ask seconds later, as he walked to the kitchen exit door,
trying to open it, but to my surprise, the door was locked with a key and the key was nowhere in sight...
maybe he's right!
why is the girl hidding it from his boyfriend?
who knows?
let's see if she will open up to her boyfriend?

next episode loading by 8pm.
I will be taking the story gradual by gradual!
please bear with me!

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