The Betrayal Of Trust Episode 12

Unfortunately I achieved
nothing, nor got any information from the school.
Nobody was able to give any reasonable answer to my questions.
I headed back home with despair.

Sir you can't continue like this, stop working yourself up for nothing, you have to cheer up, Jennifer isn't dead,  she is fine wherever she is.
You have to settle down, get yourself back and and think over the situation with a settled mind.
Remember, without a settled mind, you will end up with nothing.
Rest, clear your head and think properly"
Joe advised once again.
This time I listened to him.

"Yes Joe I think you are right. You can go home now. I can take care of myself " I said quietly,
While he stared at me curiously.

"Don't worry, I'm fine. I just want to sleep and clear my head "
I said to him, forcing out a smile, stood up and left.
I slowly got up, fetched a bottle of whisky and took some shots before retiring to my bedroom where I slept off instantly.

I woke up around 7pm feeling very dizzy and hungry.
I dialled Jenifer's number once again but still got the same old " phone switched off "I hissed, freshened up and headed to a small restaurant down the street, equally inviting my pal Selena to join me there.
I sure needed a friend, someone to cheer me up and bring out my spirit.
Selena showed up an hour later with an apologetic smile on her face.

I'm so sorry for keeping you waiting my love.
She apologized,  kissed me and drew back with surprise after perceiving the smell of alcohol from my breath.
Emmy, why do you get yourself drunk?

Oya! c'mon stand up,  let's go home,
hope you can still drive? "
she asked as she dragged me to my feet.

All I wanted is my Jenifer, but sure Selena was a good pal who always cured me from such pains...
Yea I know some would frown at my action right now, but that very moment a dead part of me needed revival that's why,  hope you guys understand.
A sort of revival only Selena could perform.

On getting to my house, I took a quick shower before joining Selena who was already naked in my bed.

"So how do you want it? "
 she asked sweetly.
 I breathed deeply and laid beside her.

" I don't know if I'm doing the right thing by being with you. Things are not just going well for me right now "I complained bitterly.
She leaned forward and rested her head on my chest.
Emmy,  I have always being a good friend to you,  you can always confide in me.
" Now tell me the problems. We have been friends for a long time, perhaps I can be of help " she asked curiously.
"yeah, I think I can open up to you,
I have nothing to lose anyway" I smiled and took my time in telling her everything.
She listened with great attention and softly caressed my chest as I narrate my ordeal.

"Emmy, listen, the poor girl is just scared. Of course who wouldn't be after hearing all your kinsman said concerning her,
But don't kill yourself over it. Just give her a little time for things to calm down " she advised while I shook my head.

" Selena,  that's the problem. I just can't live without knowing that she's alright. I just want to see her or hear her voice.
I love Jennifer with all my heart"
I said strongly.
"Of course I can see that, but for now let's forget about her and every other thing and concentrate on ourselves.

Don't you want to fuck me?
she asked as she fetched a wrap of condom,
Licked her lips and kissed me hotly.
My hormones instantly lit up with fire.
"naughty boy " she laughed, pulled the condom over my joystick, climbed out of the bed and switched off the lights.

15 minutes later, we were moaning with pleasure.
We really had wonderful sex that snapped all my energy and gave me a new breathe of life.

I woke up the next morning, more relaxed and calm. My mind was equally sharp and clear.

"Emmy my advice for you is that if you really want to find Jenifer, the best place to search for her is her place of work.
 She can't stay away from work for so long.
She must report there no matter what.
Thank me later " Selena said with a smile as she collected her payment for the night.

I drew close and hugged her.
"thanks for everything, I'll follow up your suggestion right away "
 I said with joy.
She nodded, pecked me and left without wasting time.

I grabbed my phone and called Joe.
"I have a new job for you " I said to Joe who murmured some inaudible words.
" I need you to be watching Jenifer's school from now onwards. I have strong feelings that we will get her there "
I ordered calmly and hung up, breathing happily.

" Selena was right, Jenifer can't afford staying away from her work place for so long or could she?
I asked myself over and over again.

Just like I was advised, I had no choice than to sit and hopefully wait for things to turn out good...
After two days of anxious waiting,
I got a very wonderful news from Joe who came into my apartment with excitement written all over his face.
I saw your woman today and believe me,
She's very okay. She reported to work like you were expecting and I had to wait and follow her after the school closed for the day.

I now know her hideout " he poured out with excitement,
While I quickly got up and shook his hand.
"You are the man,  3 bottles of beer for you tonight. So tell me, where is she hiding? "
 I asked curiously.
"Somewhere in Ekenwan before UNIBEN campus, she's probably staying with a friend "
 he answered.
"Thats good, let's go there, let's go right away"
 I ordered grabbed my car keys and hurried out of my apartment with him.

I couldn't control my excitement as I drove towards Ekenwan that fateful evening.
I was so happy and overly excited.

We got to her hideout few moment later.
A very nice looking building complex with lots of apartments.
Joe nodded and alighted, leading the way as I quickly followed him and together we went into the building,
My heart beating furiously. We slowly made our way to the first floor, then on getting to the second floor,  we stopped at the first door by the right and he pointed at the door.

"Oga, here is the apartment I saw her enter this afternoon "he said with a slight nod. I drew forward and knocked on the door without wasting time.
I knocked and knocked until the middle aged lady opened up and stared at us with fear.

"Where is Jennifer? "
I barked.
"I don't know any Jenifer " she answered and tried to shut the door, but I was faster than her. I pushed forward, forcing my way into the sitting room and pushing aside the shocked lady in the process.
"Get out now "she screamed, but I paid no attention to her because I already had caught glimpse of a lady escaping to one of the rooms as I bolted into the apartment.
I went after the lady, barging into the room without civility and freezing as my eyes fell on the fleeing woman.
She was no other person than my Jenifer.

"Jenifer! Jennifer!! Jennifer!!!
I calleded.
"Emmy pls go away" she screamed boldly like a terrified animal.

" Jenifer pls open the door, let me just see you and off I go" I pleaded as I called her name again,
Hearing Jennifer's voice brought instant happiness that fill my heart and swell my soul...

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Man and woman wahala!
Is Jennifer really going to listen to Emmy or have she made up her mind to move on with her life..

Emeka betrayed his friend Tony because of Jennifer and now she  is about to hit back at him.

Emeka's world is about to crash,  his tanker got burnt by unknown person,  his friendship with Tony got sore and now Jennifer is about to leave..

If you are Emeka what will you do?

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