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The Betrayal Of Trust Episode 11

However things took a dramatic turn the next day. I woke up to find my Jenifer gone without trace. Her bags and clothes
were still intact in my bedroom, she was no where to be found, her phone equally switched off.
I couldn't believe myself.
I unsuccessful searched all around my rooms for her, before rushing to the entrance door to find it closed but unlocked, same as my gate, which showed that she left with her own free will.
Quickly I fetched my car keys and
Drove to her apartment but unfortunately she wasn't there.
The whole place was securely locked.
Tears slowly dropped from my eyes as three ideas instantly hit my mind.

"Maybe she couldn't control her fears anymore and chose to run away,
or maybe she went over to Tony's house to do the unimaginable,
Or could it be that she ran away to take her life?

 " I reasoned fearfully, almost urinating on my trouser as fear took over my entire body.
I was still thinking of what next to do,
When a call from Joe came into my phone.

"Oga where are you?  You left the house without me? "
he asked with concern.
"Jenifer has disappeared, I'm at her apartment right now.
I can't find her " I answered painfully,
"Oh so sorry, should I come over? "
He asked.
"No don't worry, I'm coming to pick you up 
l answered, and then breathed deeply and went back to my house where Joe was patiently waiting with two young men.

"Oga the boys are here now for the gateman work " he said with a smile,
While I nodded with appreciation.
"Joe please negotiate with them, you are in charge and meet me in the sitting room when you are done, we have something more important at hand "
I said and went into my apartment to change my clothes.
Joe came in five minutes later,
Looking very serious and curious. He sat on the couch and watched me with keen interest.
"Her phone is switched off. I don't know what to think or do.
Yes she must be with Tony, let's go over there right away "I said with despair.

He drew back and shook his head.
" I don't think it's a wise idea sir " he murmured.
"I don't care what you think.
Let's go" I commanded and got up.
He shrugged and followed me without another word.

On getting to Tony's house, I parked my car across his open gate and walked in screaming his name furiously.
Two guys quickly emerged from the backyard and headed towards me as if they planned throwing Joe and I out of the compound.
They however weren't armed and so drew no fear from me.

"Hey guys leave them. This is my fight " Tony suddenly shouted and emerged from the front door with a double barrel gun.
The boys instantly stopped and drew back,
While I scoffed with disdain.

"Emeka, I see you got yourself a bodyguard,
Hmm that's impressive "he smiled and drew closer to me.
"Tony, I see you got yourself some touts, hmmm that's foolish "I mimicked.

He frowned as the insult did its work.
"What stops me from blowing off your head right now? "
he asked, cocking his gun.
" I can claim you were trespassing, I can claim robbery, I can claim self defense, I know you guy are armed,
Now toss your weapon " he ordered,
Pointing his double barrel gun at my forehead.
I smiled coldly because I knew he wasn't going to shoot, I saw it in his eyes.
The fear in him was very noticeable.
But yes sometimes a man can do the imaginable just to prove a cheap point.

Joe cautiously drew closer to me, breathing down my neck while I quickly drew back a little and positioned his weapon very well.
It was now a battle of wits.
"Jenifer is missing ,is she with you?
I asked cautiously.
Tony drew back again, his gun still pointing at me.
"Tony just look at you, pointing a gun at your own brother because of a woman so my tanker you burnt was enough revenge?
 I asked coldly.
My question force him to lower the gun.
" I burnt your tanker?
"He asked with surprise written over his face,
But it failed to convince me of his innocence.
"Your boys burnt my tanker, now Jenifer is gone,
C'mon  Tony how far are you willing to go for a woman?
You are a man bro, you got to let some things go "I said seriously drawing closer to him while he moved back again.
" I didn't burn your tanker neither did I kidnap Jenifer.
All I did was report your atrocity to all my friends and family.

It seems like your sins are catching up with you. There is no better revenge than that "
he said with a scornful smile,
Tossing his gun to one of the two guys in his compound.
"Return this gun to my room. We won't be needing it after all "
he said to the boys,
Who quickly disappeared into the house with it.
"You took away Jenifer from me. I'll never forgive you for that, but just like I told you sometime back, I'm not ready to be a bachelor anymore. I'll be marrying Irene in a couple of months, so I have nothing to do with Jenifer's disappearance " he said seriously, while Joe drew close and held my hand.

"I don't think he has your woman in his custody, let's go " he whispered to me.

I couldn't just described how I felt that moment. I was not far from been miserable.
Joe drove my car, while I sat at the passengers corner as we headed back to my house.
"Jenifer is fine, don't despair " he tried calming me but surprisingly, a text message from Jenifer entered my phone that same moment.


"Emmy, I know you will be looking for me by now, but please forget about me, I'm fine where I am, please move on with your life and don't bother looking for me.

I quickly dialled her phone number but unfortunately the line was switched off...
"no it can't be " I cried with despair, wondering where she could be...
"Where are you Jennifer? "
I asked with a broken heart,
I was quite restless all through the rest of that day,
Giving Joe a hard time as he desperately tried to calm me.
"Seriously I believe Jenifer is save where ever she is.
I think she just wants to be away from you for the moment and it's wise you respect her wish.
She just wants to be away for things to calm down .
He said to me,
But his words meant nothing to me.

All I wanted was to see Jenifer and be with her nothing more, nothing less.
"Where do you think Jennifer could be? "
 I asked him.
He shrugged slowly, looking down. I think  she could be with her friends, she could be at her home town.
She has a lot of places to hide, I presume " he answered, while I quickly got up with excitement.
"We have to check her school, yea someone there must know something about her whereabout"
I said grabbed my keys and headed out while Joe followed me, shaking his head in protest.

Oga, c'mon we can't be going there by this time of the day,
It's past 2 pm already. God " he begged as we headed to my car.
But I refused listening to him.

Unfortunately I achieved nothing, nor got any information from the school. Nobody was able to give any reasonable answer to my questions.
I headed back home with despair.

To be continued tomorrow.

Hmmmm Tony have exonerated himself from Emmy's accusation of the burnt tanker.

Who could it be that burnt Emeka's tanker?

Find the answer in next episode
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