The Betrayal Of Trust Episode 10

We got to Joe's apartment, fetched the gun and headed out in search of Tony.

I wasn't thinking straight. All that was in my mind was hitting back on Tony.
Luckily for him, he wasn't in his house nor at the terrible workshop he called his office.

I turned back and returned to my gas station, my eyes red with fury.
"Oga you have to take things easy, calm down and think over the situation.
It isn't wise making a hasty decision "
Joe tried advising me,
I bit my lips, saying nothing to him.

I called Jenifer hours later, telling her the terrible news.
She couldn't believe her ears, screaming with shock.
"don't worry, I will deal with Tony " I promise her.
"c'mon Emmy stop that kind of talk.
I'm responsible for this terrible crisis. You can't imagine how bad I feel, drawing two friends into a fight.
Please come over to my apartment immediately. I'm all alone " she begged.
" fine I'm on my way " I replied without hesitation, hung up and nodded at Joe.
" let's go home "I said to him.

Jenifer was surprised seeing Joe with me when I got to her apartment.
Her surprise however turned to a deep shock when we got to her bedroom and
I told her the reason Joe was with me.
"c'mon  don't tell me it has gotten so bad for you to hire a bodyguard "
She asked fearfully.

"Yes dear, don't you think someone that has the mind to set my tanker on fire i capable of killing me? "
I replied, held her hand and stared into her eyes.
"Honey you have to get your things, you are moving in with me today.
I don't think you are save here anymore. Tony might hire some guys to rape you in order to punish me further "I said seriously.
She nodded with fear, rushed to her wardrobe and pack her things.
I returned to the sitting room and smile at Joe.

"I know we never discussed about you sleeping at my place in your contract, and
I guess you won't agree to that considering your family and age.
But the problem is that I don't have a gate man at my place.
I never needed one because it's just a small compound, but now I need one.
I need someone to guard the place especially when I'm not around. Can you get any good one for me? " I asked curiously.

"Yea I know two Fulani brothers who can do the work very well. I have seen them in action.
They are agile and good with machete.
 I believe they can handle guns as well " he answered with a smile.

"Good, go get them immediately.
Try persuade them to come this evening " I said seriously, while he gave me a worried look, nodded and left.

I was very scared as I drove home alone with Jennifer. I was afraid Tony might lay ambush on me at my empty compound. I regretted permitting Joe to leave.
It was a hasty miscalculated decision on my part.
Yea Jenifer was mine, but seriously the relationship was leaving a big scar on me.
Nevertheless I was a born fighter and giving her up was never an option to me.
"babe, I want to let you know you mean the world to me,  I will protect you with my last drop of blood,  I love you so much" I sweetly said to her.
She smiled and licked her lips.
The next day, a kinsman who lived in the same neighborhood with me showed up in my house. I was highly surprised to see him because we were neither mates nor close friends.
I instantly suspected it was Tony's case that brought him.

"Emeka, I came so early in order to meet you at home.
You boys hardly spent a minute at home these days " he said jokingly, trying to ease the tension between us.
I laughed fetched a bottle of hot drink and kept on a stool before him.
"Aah nothing suits the soul more than a shot of this drink every morning "
I said to him, he laughed and diligently served himself while I looked on with a smile.
He appeared relaxed while I looked a bit nervous.
Even though we were far from being close friends, I respect him a lot, especially the way he played politics in our union.
He was barely forty years old but has been our town union secretary in Benin city for so many years, even before I knew what was politics.

Emeka, you know our people said, it is wrong for an elder to sit at home and watch a goat born while been tied on a rope.

"What is this rumor am hearing between you and your friend Tony.
I heard a very shocking news from Tony's cousin yesterday " he asked calmly,
Studying me with his eyes.

I scoffed and drew back.
"what rumour did you hear? "
I asked.
He smiled, served himself another shot of whiskey before facing me.
"That you took away his woman " he fired directly, mincing no words.

"Oh I see, c'mon Tony is yet to marry, how come I stolen his woman? "
 I asked with a shy smile.
"come off the pretence man. You perfectly understood my question and your answer shows you really did it.
 Why her?
This town is filled with lots of beautiful women,
Gosh" he breathed with disappointment.
Your father was a good man, his was my friend and a friend to many. He lived a life worthy to be emulated and he never support evil. Emeka, a man of honour like your father, why commit this terrible atrocity with his blood?

I must tell you that your father must be very disappointed at you wherever he is right now.

Emeka for crying out loud,  you are a graduate, you are rich, you are handsome,  in all indication you have all it takes to woo any woman you want.

Why do you took away your friend's woman because of a silly hit and run agenda in your mind "
 he said angrily,
Hiding nothing from me.
His words were strong and painful.
In fact he whipped me badly with his tongue.

"Sir, it's not what think or the way you think it is. We both fell for the same woman and luckily she chose me instead of him .
I have no hit and run agenda in my mind. I'm marrying her " I defended myself,
Breathing heavily.

He spat out the drink in his throat and stared at me with shock.
"What madness!" he exclaimed.
"Yes I'm will marry her "
 I repeated.
"This is really more serious than I thought.
C'mon Emeka please think. I'm a man and your senior,  though not yet up to forty years but I have seen a lot to know when things are going astray.
You know no man legitimately marries a wife alone.
You need your people, you need me, you need Tony, you need your kinsmen.
Do you think anyone will follow or side you to marry her.
I know it's too early to be saying these words but the earlier the better.
Nobody fights his kinsman in the city and lives a fulfilled life after.
I don't think our people will permit you to marry a woman you stole from a brother, unless you settled with him which I very much doubt. 

We are all from the same clan. Yes Tony is your brother.
This isn't good at all " he concluded, stood, shook his head and left with disappointment,
Leaving me shocked and chocked up.

I managed to return to my room where I found Jenifer crying.
It was obvious she over heard everything.
My angel,  please stop crying, it's true our relationship isn't going to get a smooth sailing,
But that shouldn't despair you.
I'm with you and nothing its going to change it " I pleaded desperately, but she never listened, instead continued crying.

" I made a terrible mistake by following my heart. We are in Africa. Family matters a lot.
Nobody will respect me in your family " she said and sobbed seriously.

The whole day was really a big and bad one for me because I spent almost every minute trying to cheer up Jenifer but the more I tried the more she cried.
I neither leave my apartment that day nor did I do any other thing apart from trying to make her happy.
Joe equally showed up by 9 am  without the boys I asked him to get.
"Oga I was told they left for Jos yesterday morning, but I have sent message across. They will be back tomorrow or next"
he said to me.

Seriously my affair with Jennifer turned everything in my life upside down just with few days of being with her, but as my life changed, so did my love for her grew.
I was overwhelmingly in love with her.
I was ready to do anything for her, even to kill anybody that stand on my way.

However things took a dramatic turn the next day. I woke up to find my Jenifer gone without a trace.
Her bags and clothes were still intact in my bedroom, but she was nowhere to be found,
Her phone we're equally switched off.

Hmmmm wahala dey finally Jennifer is missing..
Its going to be a though war...

To be continued later tomorrow
Sorry for the delay,  have been so busy that I don't even have time for myself but I promise I will not fail tomorrow..
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