"Get out of my way you bitch. You are
Nothing but a scammer. A cheap harlot and pretender.

Hope you told your lover who paid for this apartment huh?
Imbecile " he spat at Jenifer in a very rude manner.
"c'mon bro, stop this and listen to me " I pleaded weakly,
But my words only earned me a super punch and a resounding slap on the face,  I must confess that slap gave me stars ๐ŸŒŸin my eyes, and before i could recover from the blow and slap, I saw his fist heading to my face again, coming with great force like big
Shows and Undertaker ( WWE) knock out punch.

So I quickly dodge the
Killing fist and pushed him roughly.
An action which infuriated him profusely.
"you still have the guts to push me huh?"
He breathed furiously, pulled out a belt from his trouser and advance on me, lashing out the
Whip with great strength.

The whip hit my face, shoulder and neck, bringing great fire all over my body.
I screamed in a loud voice and lunched forward as he raised his hand to deliver another whip, giving him a nose dive that caught him in the mid section.
We both fell heavily on the floor which gave me an upper hand to sit on his stomach before he could recover from the shock my dive gave him.

"You guys should stop this nonsense or I swear, I will throw this bucket of water on you both" Jenifer screamed with a bucket full of water seriously dangling towards us.

Tony breathed deeply, pushed me out of his body and stood up with an evil grin.

"It's not over yet. I will be your worst nightmare " he said to Jenifer,
Gave me a last look and left the apartment without another word.

"See what you have caused "Jenifer cried painfully.

I drew close and hugged her. We have to stick together my love. I know he meant every word.
But don't worry, you got me, I assured her weakly.

"I have to go beg him. I have to apologize to Tony. I think it will go a long way in calming him down" Jenifer said as she sobbed.

"You are doing no such thing dear. Let me handle the situation. I know how to follow Tony " I assured her, even though I equally was lost on how to deal with the unexpected situation.
I never bargained on Tony's action which really left me disorganized.

 I left Jenifer's apartment fifteen minutes later,
I dialled Tony's number.
" Guy we need to talk " I said as soon as he answered.
" we got nothing to talk mate. You stabbed me at the back,
Now watch out your own back,  I will stab you where it hurt the more,  I know how to stab much more than you " he hissed and hung up,
Leaving me totally scared,  because the Tony I know can do the unimaginable when he is angry.

His voice was so different. And I know he meant every word he said.

I headed home, freshened up and drove out to take a little drink.
I was very nervous and shaken. I knew I had to come up with something very fast, but just couldn't figure out anything because I was cleverness of what Tony was planning for me.
I equally couldn't concentrate on anything that day nor was I able to sleep at night.
I kept tossing around on my bed, thinking and sweating.

"What is he planning? "
I kept wondering,
While a dog bark from the next compound, made the night more frightening by barking all through the night.

Early the next day, Jenifer called me on phone, "I can't continue spending the night all alone in my apartment.
I had a very miserable night. Please we have to come up with something,
I'm very scared.

It seems like I will move in to your place " she poured out, while I tried my best in calming her down.
After speaking with Jennifer, I dressed up and headed to a near by police station.

I sure needed police protection, because I don't know what Tony was up to,  and there wasn't any doubt my life was at risk.
I figured there wasn't anything else Tony could do other than paying for my death and with that state of mind,
I headed to the police station to make a formal report because underestimating an enemy is a sure way of losing a fight.

I wasn't ready to take chances.
I got to a near by mini police station very close to my house, made a formal report and requested for police protection.

My request was however turned down by a police inspector who claimed that my request was highly unnecessary,
that I had no justifiable cause to demand for police protection.

He simply asked me to go home and report back when my life gets threatened.
A comment which totally annoyed and forced me to raise my voice on him.

"In that same tone the inspector replied "Oga we can't just assign a police officer to be baby sitting you 24 hours a day for who knows how long.
We don't have the man power, we can only spare a man if you want him for a day or two which isn't the case with you.

I think you should go to our area command or state headquarters to make your request,
Moreover hope you know that it's going to cost you a lot.
One other thing I noticed is that you are not coming out clean with us.
You claim your life is in danger, yet you can't provide anything or clue to back up your claims " the officer turned me down with his terrible English.

I bit my lips eyed him and left the station angrily.
It was obvious he wasn't ready to help and the last thing on my mind was telling him the whole reason I needed protection.
Of course I couldn't open my mouth and blab how I stole my friend's girlfriend to him.

As I headed to my car, I noticed a policeman running after me.
I stopped and stared at him searchingly.

"Oga I'm sorry for the little drama that happened between you and our boss " he apologized as he stopped before me, breathing with excitement.
He gave me a piece of paper which had a phone number in it.

"Just call the guy.
 He does this kind of odd jobs. Bodyguard, security, anything.
His name is Joe, he's ex_ military " he informed me.

I smiled, fetched a thousand naira note from my pocket and handed to him.
"Thanks " I said with appreciation.

The battle has escalated to something you never imagined.

What is Tony is up to?

Find out in the next episode..

To be continued by  tomorrow.

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