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Depression is the poison that keeps me alive.

While I'm clutching tightly to the
feeble representation of reality as life claws its way out through me.

Depression is the sea I thirst for when I'm alone in the wilderness.
Depression is the beautiful beads I adorn my feet with when I dance.
Depression is the screen of the television that keeps me mesmerized. Different pictures and different people all saying the same words.
Depression is the key to the fortified fortress and long walls that guards my heart.
Depression is the fairy tale I read when I'm going on a futile journey in search of my lost cousin, happiness.
Depression is the clothing line that's in full stock. Anyone that doesn't put it on is an outsider. 
I once stormed the high mountains of Mount Olympus, stole prometheus fire in order to refuel the depression that burns in me. 
I once painted a rose with depression because it was the most beautiful color I could find. 
I once took a stroll without my buddy depression and they had to send out a search party to find me. 
Depression is the sea that my mentality needs to ship on in order to reach its final destination. 
Depression is the song I sing to myself to sleep at night. The demons I feed on when I'm choking on sadness. 
Depression is the beautiful thin line that burns the cloud in a beautiful sunset. 

Written by Festus obehi Destiny. 
Obehi 📙 
Hugs and eyes 👀

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