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Along the sides of Greatness lies work input and on no count can anyone deny the presence
of work in a perfect synch with consistency would attract success in the nearest future.

This week with The Critic Circle is a bit exciting as we got an opportunity to meet with one of the Contestants from Mr and Miss Fresh 2018, UNIBEN, an undergraduate currently studying Philosophy in University of Benin whose aspiration is to become a Top Super Model, Pageant Queen, Miss World and someday, Miss Universe.

The Critic Circle:
We would love to break the News, but do us the privilege to introduce yourself,
Let's get to know you

Miss Chifunanya:
My name is Onyemaechi Chifunanya Mercy.
A 100lvl student in the department of philosophy
Am a model and a writer

The Critic Circle:
Miss Chifunanya, Before this interview I followed your proceed in  Mr and Miss Fresh and I must say I was impressed,
However it didn't play on your favour.
How would you describe your participation and how was the journey for you?

Miss Chifunanya:
My participation in the contest was something I find worthwhile and fun. The experience I gathered is something that will always remain with me.
The journey was smooth, stressful and fun. It was going fine till a week before the competition. Everything I planned for didn't fall into place, my dress for the competition, my shoe, my tickets, my hair, the Makeup Artist intact I wanted to quit just 3 days to the competition. Before then I was having stage fright and I talked to my coordinator in the person of Miss Ivie, she told me something that kept me going and encouraged me. She said "you are stronger than the crowd and the noise they make, Believe in yourself and be confident” those words alone kept me going. On the day of the competition my mindset from home was that out of the 18 contestants I will be among the last 5. All I was thinking inside of me was that Ifunanya let's have fun on the stage cause you know you are among the last 5 contestants so let's make it fun.
Before entering the stage though I was scared but thanks to the former Mr. Fresh Deluxe in the person on Mr. Divine Johnson the CEO of Campus Models who talked to me and calmed me down. During the crowning I was so shocked when I was called upon as the top 5 finalists from the girls categories. I was shocked and the same time Happy.
The Critic Circle:
Awesome Story, Really Inspiring.

Let's talk about you
There's a lot of girls out there who just want to be models for modelling sake, no dream or aspiration. So we would love to know why you choose to be a model, or better put Why Modeling?

Miss Chifunanya:
I choose modelling because I feel like there's a bond between me and the camera like I have this passion, the only way I can express Myself, feelings and emotions are through pictures

Secondly I choose modelling because it’s a platform to help people, I get to go to places, meet people, especially the less privileges. With modelling I have seen people that i need to help and I think modelling is the best platform for me.

The Critic Circle:
In the art of modelling, are you going to stick to pageantry alone or are we to expect bigger moves?

Miss Chifunanya:
At first I was planning on doing pageantry and runaway modelling but now am sticking with pageantry and commercial modelling. So expect bigger moves from me because the top is where I belong.

The Critic Circle:
Commercial Modelling, How do you intend to Merge this with your Studies?

Miss Chifunanya:
It’s easy, when it’s time to be serious to study you study and when it’s time to do business, you do business. Give to karma what belongs to karma and give to God what belongs to God but I believe gradually everything will fall in place

The Critic Circle:
That's great,
Talking about Mr. and Miss Fresh.
What would you say is your Favourite Moment / Time Shared with other Contestants??

Miss Chifunanya:
I had many great moments with them starting from the audition, The training, The football competition, The camp, The rally to the stage but however I think my greatest moment with them was the camp day when we had to bond together and know each Other well and the stage too was another great moment cause it made me see the hidden talents and potentials of My friends.

The Critic Circle:
Mr and Miss Fresh must have been a Stepping Stone,
What more are we to expect, any Project or Aspiration?

Miss Chifunanya:
Yes, I would quite agree on Mr and Miss Fresh UNIBEN, being a stepping stone for me. My Personal Project is aimed at Giving Back and Reaching out to the Orphans.  There would be plans to visit the Orphanage Homes and Help provide them with Educational Materials, we however cannot overstate the importance of Education in the life of any man and I feel these Orphans should not be left out in this process.

I would love to use this medium to officially reach out and Call for Sponsors, Good Citizens of this Country Nigeria to help support this project in any way they can.

The Critic Circle:
Before we wrap this all up, I must say it has been a wonderful time having you here and we appreciate you for the time shared.

Any last words or anyone you want to reach out to?

Miss Chifunanya:
Yes. All I want to say to people out there is to keep fighting. Never give up no matter the bad, rough or struggling times, just keep fighting and trust me you are going to pull through. Just believe and let no body discourage u from pushing your dreams. Just prove them wrong by doing what you know how to do best. I also want to use this opportunity to thank my coordinators in the person of Mr. Abayomi Diamond who always taught us Never to give up and always keep up the fight, Miss Ivie The Gemian model manager who was our catwalk trainer, who was always there for me and the other contestants, Miss Abigail our media coordinator who is there to take our pictures and videos and Miss Rita our assistant coordinator who Never gave up on me and lastly the ZeMA group management. Thank you. My shaperon Sharon, my friends and course mates and those who believed in me, Thank You.

The Critic Circle:
You welcome, it was nice having you.

Can't wait to see you at the top

Stay Tuned for more
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