Thecritic Exclusive: Music, Management And Darlington (@darl_Singz) - A Quick Interview!

Entertainment scene worldwide has being on the constant upgrade with various acceleration in terms of creativity, passion and investment being placed to achieve a better result.

Music especially has been one of the few that has changed, still changing and doesn't show no signs of this ending soon. This act has been leveled in and around the world, and the university of Benin has made no exception to join the league of growth with the rising of stunning acts, Artistes and Great records, entertainers has never been more focused.
This has brought about one of the few reasons, we decided to meet up with one of the best and Fast rising Pop Artiste in University of Benin,  DARLINGTON Popularly known for his energetic and stylish performance delivered at events. Darlington is being managed by Mr. Micheal Ireogbu, under the wings of Maazi Management Group, also responsible for the management of other fine Artiste including HDMI and T krayne to list a few.

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The Critic Worldwide: Its a pleasure to finally meet with one of the biggest a pop artiste from here, of course we could write a million things about you but for our readers sake, can you give us the privilege and tell us about you.

Darlington: My name is Darlington aka flame i hail from Edo state owan west and from the family of 4 and i happen to be d first child.

The Critic Worldwide: Being an awesome Entertainer, out of curiosity we just want to know, what's your perception of entertainment in Nigeria?

Darlington: Nigeria entertainment is really growing from the filming to the music industry especially the music industry our big boys up there like wizkid, davido and the rest are really making Nigerians proud have sold out concert nominating them with heavy weight like Jay z and the rest is something am really proud of. Entertainment is one reason am proud to be a Nigerian.

The Critic Worldwide: Talking about music, knowing you to be an entertainer and a student?
How would you relate the growth of the Nigeria Entertainment to Entertainment in Campus.

Darlington: yeah first  of all merging being a student and an entertainer is not something dat is quiet easy because at some point u have to skip one for one and both are actually important so sometimes sacrifices have to take its place by putting the one that is more important at dat moment. Music or rather entertainment is really growing as i said earlier and this have really inspired entertainers on campus to put more effort in what we are doing. The thing is just have to start from somewhere and the campus is our home.

The Critic Worldwide: From our Research, you seem to be one of the most sought after pop artiste in University of Benin (Ekehuan Campus), is there any major sacrifices, you made to achieve this feat?

Darlington: (LOLs) its GOD all the way and when any of my material is out d acceptance is really crazy. so its just GOD.

The Critic Worldwide: Talks about materials, what's the drive behind every work you have dropped?

Darlington: Life basically. everything that revolves around my environment

The Critic Worldwide: Still talks on Entertainment, in your own way considering what you do, being a artiste and Student.
I just want to know, how important is Music to You?

Darlington: music is as important as me brushing my teeth every morning lol wat m trying to say is music gives me that solace so its very very important to me.

The Critic Worldwide: Interesting, so tell us, Why do you do music?

Darlington: simple reason cus of the love and passion i have for it

The Critic Worldwide: Where would you want to be in 5years time, considering every factor responsible for a successful music career?

Darlington: everyone wants to be at the top thats a sure fact but in the next 5 years aside being at the top and touring the whole world i want to mentor people and also bring good act from the street and make them stars

The Critic Worldwide: Story so far shown you have made a huge remark for yourself as an artiste, is there any secret that is attributed to this?

Darlington: yeah GOD is behind all my inspiration.

The Critic Worldwide: Greatest challenge as a student and also being an entertainer.

Darlington: Trying to balance music with studies, both deserves 100 percent attention and now its very difficult giving both 100percent attention.

The Critic Worldwide: How do scale through this challenge?

Darlington: Before anything i do and pray and let God lead.
The Critic Worldwide: I guess that says it all, any last words for  family, fans and friends?

Darlington: Yeah big shout to all my friends,fans and loved one's and enemies who have been either supporting or opposing me from year one God bless ya all. i love and appreciate all you have done.

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