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The Critic Opinion: Top 5 Fast Rising and Creative Entrepreneur in UNIVERSITY OF BENIN.

The Critic Opinion.

Being a student is somewhat hectic having to wake up early enough to catch up 8 a.m classes
(sometimes getting there after waiting for 1hr plus you hear, this class is no more holding), reading, night class etc.

Some would say it is not though, but then everyone diverse opinion makes the world beautiful. Whichever way it is being put, being a student really doesn't and shouldn't end in the classroom.

While a lot would see the university as a place to get grades and Bsc's, some actually see it beyond that. By The Critic analysis, we opine that the university is more than what most would see it, we believe the university is a confined environment and replica of the world at large, where learning and knowledge are vital elements that doesn't just ends in the classroom but also to the environment within the school.

(You disagree?? (Then write to us)

With this we believe every student should at least not restrict learning to just the classrooms, but also explore, create and also build what they have always wanted.
Nobody will kill you if you start something, its all you, no harm trying.

Anyway some students have been able to stand out and excel with their little knowledge and this has paved way fort them, the world would refers to this student as Entrepreneurs, for they have been able to create and do exploit in their own very way. 

We at The Critic Worldwide might not be able to do much, but we strongly want to appreciate these students for being what they are and also give the maximum support to them in every way we can.

These ENTREPRENEURS include, List is in no particular order :



Photography is a new trend but here's one reason he's in the list.
He practically did what a lot wouldn't do, standing in the gap with a lot of sacrifice. ..
FYI- There's currently a new photo studio (N Courage Studio) in June 12, behind the ATM stand. So no more main gate.

Emi'z kitchen is a brand that caters for all ur kitchen  needs + event management.
Cakes,  snacks, catering services, small chops and event management.
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You should know him already. Customizes everything; T-shirt, Hoods, Hats, Caps, Sneakers. Yes Everything, that's creativity.
IG: @Iben_prints


Fashion designer, Male Clothings, Stylish and Creative.
IG: @Arexb_

Styled by @Arexb_ 

Now pause. This does not just end here, you might want to wonder what really is special about these few entrepreneurs listed here?
Then you probably should wait for it, as the team of THE CRITIC WORLDWIDE introduces THE CRITIC CIRCLE to Take you through the rundown of these amazing Student and Entrepreneurs.
You don't want to miss a thing.
PS, If you an entrepreneur or you have something special and you would love us to support you,
then message us or reach us via or social media accounts.

(Article By Nelson Omorotionmwan)

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