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FACE OF THE WEEK ( FEMALE): Meet Chinwendu Aijonomuehi (Full details)

Beautiful and classy undergraduate from the university of Benin,
come tops to being face of the week. See her bio below
Student Bio

Full Name : Patrick Chinwendu Aijonomuehi
Nick name : Weendy
Faculty / Department : Management science / Actuarial science
Likes :Playing football and Dancing
Status :With God all things are possible
Dislikes : Dont like pretenders and self centred people

Favorite songs : I'm the only one
Favorite movie : Harry potter
Favorite hang out spot in school : June 12
Birth date :June 12
Social Media Contacts : Chinwe Patrick (FACEBOOK)
Shout-out : To my family friends and love ones
Quote :All that glitters isn't gold

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