FACE OF THE WEEK (MALE): Meet Ikharebha Ose-eni Gideon (View Details)

Popular and Punctual Course rep From The University of Benin,
Rocks our face of the week.See his bio below

Student Bio

Full name: Ikharebha Ose-eni Gideon
Nick name: DRAWNIC
Faculty / department: Management Sci / Insurance Dept
Likes: watching action movies, etc...
Status: Single
Dislike: dishonesty

Favourite song: Jeje by Falz
Favourite movie: Fast and Furious 8
Favourite hang out spot in school: New management building
Birth date: Oct. 22
Social media contracts:
Drawnic flamez - facebook, drawnic_flamez - IG,
07067042795 -whatsapp
Shout-out: First to the Almighty GOD, songwriter Nelson, my president- Oshioke, Ex president- Success, Ex govo MASSA princley, political animal -Godwin...
Quote: Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown

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