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Tcw Update: The Community Project -(See Details)

In pre-colonial African society,
the way and manner with which the people lived was built around a community where everybody was responsible for anybody.
Then, anybody who had yam and needed rice would take the equivalent of the quantity of the rice he wants with the yam he has,   to the market square and tell the town crier to announce of his desires and what he has in exchange.
Who was interested would go see the yams offered, and go measure the quantity of rice in it's equivalent.
Nobody stole from anybody, nobody ignored the plights of others.
Then, the people had a communal assembly where they usually discussed, either jokes, problems and challenges they face, and so on...
That *community* was the best form of living, we are bringing back that *community* where we can all build a family, share our challenges with a view to solve them.
A COMMUNITY PROJECT that we can build our capacity of confidence on.
My name is Alex Peter and #IAmAReflectionOfTheCommunity
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