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UCRITIC FACE OF THE WEEK (Female) - Melissa Davids (See Details inside)

Beautiful is just an understatement for this amazing woman.

Full name :  Omede Melissa
Nickname : Melissa Davids

Faculty/Department: Engineering,  Chemical engineering
Likes: reading, writing, travelling, rapping
Status : single
Dislikes: snitches

Favorite songs: overdose, scars to your beautiful, dead man walking, any song by nicki minaj
Favorite movie: none in particular
Favourite hang out spot in school:  any spot under trees

Birth date: march 25th
Social media contacts:  IG @melissadayveeds,  fb@ Melissa dayveedz
Shoutout:  Shoutout to my all my besties
Quote: it doesnt matter how many times you fall but how many times you stand back

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