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Tcw Update: The Critic's Opinion on UNIBEN GOT TALENT 2.0 (A Must Read)

While most of us might have heard or seen the outcome of 1.0,
some are yet to see the input of the fine resource and work put out by this awesome group, OTID ENTERTAINMENT.
Having worked and talked with these persons has taught me a lot personally so I personally can vouch for this and the fact that they putting something massive with one the finest and credible brand in school ZeMA is a major plus.
But let's skip that knowing these people personally has been cool but had to meet the team player and I practically wanted to know the aims and what they hope to achieve with this event (cause am tired of shows/competitions with no content.

This was what they said below. .


1. _Give talented individual a platform for them to show their talent to the world.

2. _Help individual channel their energy into positive ventures.

_To enable individuals be more valuable to themselves and to others and to others through their talent.

_After stating aims, I was curious on how they plan to achieve the said and proposed aims stated above and they gave the remarks below.

_"Through the training/coaching process, contestants would be taught several and diverse social skills that would come in handy in their challenges in life.

_The attached prize money and management deals would also go a long way in propelling their talents into blossoming."

*in addition they also gave out some few Advice to talented persons who really are not willing to participate in this, due to the fear of loosing out or not winning.*

They had this to say

_The essence of competition is not always about winning but self development._ _This event has been shaped to make sure everyone is a winner following various process of training attached, so behind the competition is a fun filled and learning process that would help every contestants be a better person/ individual._
I really could agree more on this, cause this has been a struggle to some competitors who feel they don't worth it when they loose out in competitions.
Competitions becomes beautiful when you participate with an intent of it being a win win situation

Forms for UNIBEN GOT TALENT 2.0 forms is still currently on @ Nescafe Loungue, please don't miss out on this golden opportunity.
Be part of it.

This is an official statement from The Critic Worldwide, we celebrate and we see a lot of credibility in this event, we push the best.

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