Greetings Everyone, its being a while but yeap.
We the team of UNIBENCRITIC had
yo go back to our drawing board, to sought out some problem, but we are back now.
To you all, who have been waiting for update on poetic magma.
We had to deliver to u this wonderful piece from your very own
Opene onyebuchi
Sociology and Anthropology
200 level .

Read piece below


In heavy doubled chains
I was compelled to fight
when unfed and empty .
In dungeon enclosed,
I was forced to swallow the keys to my freedom.

Bruises of the chains,
The pains I met - unending,
nature declared me worthless.
The night a console,
yet deception it was
for the morning comes with pain.
Death was my destination
but death made mockery of me -
it spared me.

The coming of a stranger
I thought my saviour was born again,
another lie I fell for it
This was only the beginning of my pains
for my jailers are now my fathers .
My wealth and health I lost
but my voice untouched,
can anyone hear me ?
I lost my strength,
no water to quench my thirst
no light to write anymore but in this chain I still hope.

My jailers are my fathers, the government of a blessed country
but now in horror of our fathers.
Pick your pen and fight
for am getting weak, someday this chains will not be empty
for our fathers will be in them
our freedom still a mystery

Opene  onyebuchi

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  1. Wow isn't this amazing? This is exactly the current disposition of the average Nigerian.....nothing more but a prisoner of hope. Thanks wow

  2. I like that part where the chains will not be empty but we will be replaced and our fathers tale our place that sounds like a BLOODY REVOLUTION/ REVIVAL... KUDOS


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