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This is a class masterpiece, and guess what? Its all packed with intelligence and craft.

( This piece is written and owned by Eny Kastiel. )
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Cheating is funny though ,
Two types , partial n full time . .full time , you gotta be a backstabbing bitch or some corny bloke ,
U gotta have cancerous lies embedded in your morbid flow,
When one partner pisses you off ,to the other ? you aint act horrid , No!
You have two emotional platforms , never let em intersect , keep the high of a and ß balanced and on the low ,
Never keep em Text msgs or em sordid notes,
Physical strength gotta be 100% if you gonna be fuqking both ,
Cos the key to cheating is creating a perfect balance ,
Set standards!
If A calls at 8pm , makes sure ß calls 9 ..1hr difference is a perfect standard,
Never tell your secrets to a ratchet basterd ,
Cos half of em spill by mistake n let em scatter ,
Dont buy A and ß the same gifts, never call em same pet names , dont store em names wi em regular names. . . n that way , you v a perfect standard ,
Watch the way you play your flirt game,
Let publicity for both move at a set pace ,
I said both cos A and ß is what a perfect niqqa n ßae handle . .add a C n its your end mate ,
I mean check mate ,their igs . .fb. .twitter , make sure friends aint mutual or its your end mate ,
Make sure one of em is always far enough not to make it for your
birthday ,
If they do , its your end day,
Stop ending both calls with 'I love you' , cos one day you gon be be with ß n say ILU to A , n that moment you ll experience a set gaze ,
Set gaze' gon be accompanied with 'who tf was that babe?
The lies you got embedded in your morbid flow will barely help mate ,
So in your convos , put a clear space ,
Dont be too detached , but phonecalls should be more of routines. . n
thats fairplay,
Lovey doveys should only be done in person
N guidelines to be follwd must be well laid,

1. Keep a zipper on your phone
2. Never have two partners in the same city , its still dangerous if they are in near states,
3. Introduce both to your best friend , who knows about everything
N yea wait!
Its only your bestfriend both should know , 2 more friends n you playing an end game.
Cause you need someone both can trust , someone to lie for you ,
Someone they can confirm from when you beginning to sound untrue ,

4. Change their contact names every 4 weeks , delay shouldn't last more than 10days ,

5. U def gon prefer B>A ,A>B..but never act confused, never let em say ' You v someone else' . .Never let em put that fact on you ,
Cause that's all you . .need to Start feeling paranoid n if you aint careful , it ll crash all too.
I almost forgot , some pictures gotta be forgone . .temporarily. Multiple selfies ,kissing pictures , zipper also helps stash some nudes,
Put a password , unzip ß's pics once u leave A , zip A's pictures . .you forget to do this? Thats on you.

6. Never call ß's name when you fuwking or hanging with A . . that moment , pussy gon get dry , erections gon drop . n the world is gon crash on you .
7. Dont know morr than 2 of their friends personally ,
cos some bitches n niqqs be actively acting . . the Sherlock Holmes . .investigating n adding things rapidly.
U think you re a player? These friends will hang your boots. .
You done meet brothers , sisters?
Chill!! Put a pause to the way you meet em family ,
.lol , ok am done with the lessons. Half yall think you judge me right with this ,
aint no cheat , I only studied em,
You need more info , my inbox is whr I'll rightly be,
Ciao unloyals.
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