2016/2017 Neco result is out Check here www.mynecoexams.com
Neco result 2016/2017 can now be accessed at the result checking portal or website whenever the neco result is released. Checking your neco result is not all that difficult, it is as simple as waec result checker. You can check neco result at the comfort of your home with your phone or computer but people prefer to check theirs at the cyber so that they
will print out their neco result.
Neco result can be checked from the official neco result checking website.
The official neco result checker website is mynecoexams.com not www.necoresult2016.com and for those that will be asking whenneco result 2016will be released; neco result is always released 3 months after the exam so don't believe people that will tell you that neco result is out when you now know the time neco result for 2016 supposed to be released.
How to check 2016/2017 NECCO result
If you are looking for how to check neco result online with NECO scratch card or checking without scratch card, then you have to pay attention to the procedures you need to follow so that you will view your neco result 2016 for those telling me thati want to check my neco result online

1.You will need to buy neco scratch card you will use to check your neco result
2.Visit official neco result checking portal at mynecoexams.com
3.Select your exam type either June/July or Nov/Dec in the space you see or exam type
4.Chose the year you wrote the exam e.g 2016
5.Then put your scratch card pin number and your neco examination number in the spaces provided for it at the result checking page.
6.When you have finished filling all the required information, click on check my result and wait for your 2016 neco result to show up.

you cannotcheck neco result without scratch card, you must buy
scratch card at neco offices or banks to be able to check neco result 2016.
The same thong applies to Neco result Nov/Dec 2016/17 and neco result june/july 2015/2016 /2017
When will the 2016/17 NECO Result be released?

This is the question every candidate who wrote the 2016/2017 neco exam will ask but Neco result as I have said earlier will be released online after three months the exam was written so the 2016/2017 Neco result might be released online on October or so.
Printing your 2016 Neco Result

After you might have viewed yourneco result, you will have to print it out for other purposes which you will have to present your Neco result online print out if you have not gotten the original Neco result from your school.
To print out your result, you must have check the result with computer then connect your printer and click on print or image looking printer or you can press control P on your computer keyboard. If you find all this procedure stressful, kindly go to a nearby cyber café to print your 2016 neco result.

You can recheck your neco result with your scratch card up to five times before that card will expire so when you have used your card five times, you will need to buy another card to check 2016 NECO result.
Please kindly note that the 2016/2017 neco result is not yet out. We compiled this write up to help you when it is out on how to checkneco result 2016.

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