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UC Outlet : Face Of The Week

Student Bio

Full Name : Efam Peter Owa..

Nick name : Sidosky

Faculty / Department : Social science/ Economics and Statistics.
. . . .

Likes : Meeting people. Politics and watching football..

Status : In a relationship

Dislikes : Cheats, lies, failure and negativity

Favorite songs : lilwayne x Eminem - No love

Favorite movie : Game of Thrones

Favorite hang out spot in school : Twin LT

Birth date : 09/09

Social Media Contacts : twitter- @sido_whiz
fb- Efam Sidosky Owa
IG- iam_sido
Bbm- 7B92B4E1

Shout-out : To my boo "Demilade" for always being there...

Quote : its never too late until its over..


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