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Uc Admission Update : Important info for Candidates yet to see their Invitation Slip!!

A lot of candidates are complaining bitterly that they are yet to see their invitation slip.

Well you don't need to picnic. The University
of Benin in her wisdom has decided to split it into batches. They cannot attend to every candidate within three days, that is why some were asked to come first for their screening.

Candidates who were given invitation letter/slip fall in first batch face to face screening. The first batch screening was scheduled to hold from 14th to 16th, though some candidates are yet to be screened and were posted to another date.

Therefore, if you are eligible and you are yet to see your invitation letter/slip, please note that you fall in the next batch.

You may be wondering when the next batch will be coming up. Well, for all we know, it might be after the end of the first batch face to face screening. All you have to do is keep checking your portal.
You may wonder yet again, how do we know that we have been given invitation letter/slip or can we find it in our application slip?

Application slip is different from invitation slip. How?

Application slip contains exam data's e.g your name, ID, result etc.
While the invitation slip/letter contains your name and the date/time/Venue for the screening.

Once you are given invitation slip it will show on your page. It is only on that ground that you can appear to be screened.

I hope this little info will be of help to you.

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