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Most times as critics, we are always quick to judge the leaders for not working, sometimes even without bothering to know if they did or not.
Well for most of yall, that think the last SUG Administration of 2015, did nothing, well here's some striking revelation for yall to see.

From the office of the director of sport student Union government 2015/16 session(Comr OGEDEGBE John)..things he did while he was in office.

1. He is the first person who initaited the uniben super cup which he did and hall 3 won the cup and they were given medal,a token and a golden cup

2. He is the first person to organize a uniben kip fit program which was done every Wednesday and Friday in hall2 car park,,where both boys and girls came to kip it fit from all halls of residence.This was also done in a bid to close the gap between male and female participation in sporting activities.

3. He constantly showed matches at June 12 popularly known viewing center..

4. For the first time after 6years he instigated the renovation of the hall 2 volleyball court after much pressure given to the school management by him...and after writing the budget and proposal, instead for the budget to be given to him,it was diverted to another contractor who was suppose to renovate all the sporting facilities in the hostels but did not..the contractor did only that of hall 2,the tennis court in hall4,and a volleyball court in medical hostel...these were all the effort of OGEDEGBE John because of the pressure he gave to the school management.

5. He did organize the annual inter hostel cup,which was hosted in hall 3, where both the male and female hostel participated.. In the male category hall 3 won,and they were given a gold medal,a token and a golden cup while in the female category hall 2 won,they were also given a gold medal,a token and a golden cup.

6. He is the first person to organize a June 12 cup,where all tenant,workers, shop owners participated,in a bid to have fun...Shop c in june came out victorious and they were awarded free rent for a year as the reward.

7. He also organized the annual champions league final in hall 2 car park..where lots of prices was awarded like generator, recharge card and the likes for those who got their predictions right at that instance.

8. To crown it up OGEDEGBE John was the sole person who fought for the exemption of Sundays out of the 7 days in a week for all cleaners working in the university of Benin.Before now those cleaners normally work on Sundays..but OGEDEGBE John fought hard to stop solely and you know they are been payed below minimum wage of just 9,000 only...you can imagine that...

So OGEDEGBE John has done his best.He is somebody that does not believe in talking too much but believes in his actions...
He is one of the most outstanding director of sport of all time...
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