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Uc Outlet : S.A.Y (Songwritter And You) with Sir Rooky Kamiz

Greetings to every student in UNIVERSITY OF BENIN, hope yall be enjoying your holiday
and having fun, and not battling with network like I am over here.

Its the FIRST EDITION OF S.A.Y (Songwritter And You), and guess what, its much more than you expected.

As promised, I got hooked up with one of UNIBEN'S FINEST, He's hard-working, talented and award winning OAP.

The Rooky Kamiz 

He did let us into some deep info about himself and what he does,
Not to bore you with too much talk

Read interview below
•Me :Good day Sir,
Can we tell us about u

Rooky : I am Rukevwe jegede ikpen popularly known as The Rooky Kamiz , an award winning freelance Oap, VJ and Writer.. A final year student of Uniben, I see myself as a talented and creative individual with the goal to inspire to the world
•Me : what really inspired the name rooky kamiz,
Rooky : Rooky is a short form of my name OgheneRukevwe, you probably would pefer Rooky to that long spell 😂, and kamiz is a Nick name from high school that stuck...
So I just combined them "Rooky kamiz "

•Me : Cool I must say, at least only a few people got a nick from high school,
Do permit me to call u Sir Rooky
So Sir Rooky,
If am correct , you an OAP, VJ and Writer and still a student (a final year for that matter ) of the Prestigious University of Benin.
I mean we all know the stress attached to this Great Institution,
How do u manage to put this all together?

Rooky: Men, to be honest it's not been easy. But as life goes there is always a sacrifice to pay for the things you want, I schedule my time for the most important at the Moment.. If the school activities that period is the most important I will surely choose it, if the work is more important that moment I do it, like I said there is always a sacrifice, a price to pay for what you want
•Me: So I guess there must have been times where u had to some difficult decisions

Rooky: Ofcousre
•Me : So Sir Rooky,
On the mark of 1 -10
How would u record the social activities in this great institution

Rooky: it's on a 4 but I think it's Rising at a rapid pace

4' ?
But y this remark, if I may ask sir
Rooky: It is obvious there is no reason to dig deep into a dried well

•Me : I guess, some will agree to that.
But let's brush those aside, Let's talk about u,
Earlier you talked sacrifices, paying a price to get something in return.
So I believe aside getting awards ,u have a lot of achievement you can brag of,
But can you tell us, one thing you have achieved, that surpassed every other thing at this point?

Rooky: Hmmmmm
Well working with Guinness Nigeria as an inflluencer and brand ambassador is my highest achievement at this point, but hopefully we are moving forward towards greater achievements

•Me : That is Big,

Rooky: We thank God Sir
•Me: Well, Recently there was the news circulation where
Chinko Ekun, the ybnl tiger as he is formally called said Education was a distraction to him"
Would you agree to this statement?
Do you think Education is a step back especially when you almost at that point of being major ?

Rooky: Education is not a waste of time moreover there is a difference between an educated person and someone who went to school and also knowing and understanding...

•Me: Knowing and understanding,
Surely a difference between two words, that I must agree.
So Sir Rooky, you say you are also a writter? Do you have any work(s) ?

Rooky: Yes I'm a writer
I've been writing for almost 10 years but I decided to go public recently I have an upcoming poetry collection coming soon titled "The Crying Poet Got No Tears!" and it will be a debut for the world to see my writing skills

•Me: The Crying Poet Got No Tears,
Sounds intriguing, so what inspired this title?

Rooky: It's basically a personal experience... Inspired by the things I've seen, heard and experienced, the good the bad and the ugly... They make me wanna cry but then my tears are the words I write to express my feelings
•Me: When is the schedule release for this masterpiece

Rooky: The schedule date is on the 10th of September... I just gave you an exclusive 😂

(Only on this exclusive platform,)

So Sir Rooky,
Do you have any role model? In School? Nigeria ? Nationwide ? Globally?
The Rooky god Kamiz Δ:

The Rooky:
Of course we do have role models who we look up to
look up to Denrele Edun, DJ Khaled and also Dan Brown 🔥
Micheal Jackson is also a great influence because if his views and lyrical content
•Me: What makes this book so special?
The Rooky :
It is indeed a special piece because it was created specifically to suit the mind, heart and soul of the human body and another goal is to inspire and change the world

I really can't wait to get hold of this masterpiece,
Looking at the Nigerian Entertainment, do u see any talented entertainer from uniben, doing in major in the next few years?

Rooky - Yes I see Many of them taking their careers to the next level, talking about Vemor, Play P, At Bangz, Mikel, Steven Tones ,TG Banks, Chuvano , Okal, Ay bangz, cool8 ,Waye and a whole lot of them skipping my mind at the moment

•Me - All topping the charts, but as they say Man proposes, God disposes. .
I do however wish them the very best in their strive to success.

Rooky - Amen

•Me: Sir, you in your finals now, I bet you would have some advice or something to share with the freshers and other people out there who are wanting to merging schooling and other social activities?

Rooky : Well... The words I have for them is this "Do not let anyone tell you what
you can or cannot do, break out of the box, everything you are looking for is all in your mind, you choice and your perception, do whatever you like and handle the consequences good or bad , " ✌

•Me: At this point, I would want to appreciate you for your time, it was a privilege to meet with you and I appreciate u alot
Rooky : Thank you very much, the pleasure was mine Sir

"To be frank, it was funfilled while d interview lasted. Hope u leant some something new.

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