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My thoughts on feminism and marital responsibilities Some feminists are enraged by the marriage counselling of Pastor Enoch Adeboye, that men should not marry women that do not know how to cook and pray for at least an hour non stop. Meanwhile, Adeboye also asked women not to marry men that do not have a source of income.
I understand the clergy was addressing pastors in his Church and not all the bachelors and spinters in Nigeria. What is difficult to comprehend is the basis for the anger expressed by some commentators over the remarks since Adeboye was addressing a particular segment of his Church.
Looking at the issue on the merits, Adeboye did not say anything unusual, eccentric or abominable. The only point in Adeboye's message
that I would have punctured is the prayer aspect. But since he was
addressing the pastorate of his Church, it is not my business. He knows what is best for those who have devoted their lives to his doctrinal teaching.
On cooking
It is difficult to understand what propels some of our feminists to express certain uncanny views on matters that are ordinarily not open to debate. If a woman finds cooking well for her husband and children offensive then so be it. She can hire a chef or enter into a food supply contract with a catering company to be supplying meals to her home. Alternatively, her husband can take custody of the kitchen and be preparing meals for her and the children. Heaven will not fall. When her kids are hungry, they can conveniently run to her husband and say "Daddy we are hungry". That is fine.

On source of income
Unsurprisingly, some of our feminists have no misgivings on this particular message. They agree with Pastor Adeboye that ladies should not accept marital proposals from men who have no source of income.
Why should a man contemplate getting married without having a
source of income? That is irresponsible. Who will cater for the home and the attendant marital responsibilities? This is not about having a "good job".
It is about having a source of income. A man should not only be a man by impregnating a woman. A man should be able to take responsibilities that accompanies the pregnancy. Therefore, what Adeboye said is not
strange. Jobs are scarce no doubt but any man wishing to get married
and have a family should have a source of income.
The problem with social media platforms like Facebook is that most people are living a fake life, different from who they are outside Facebook. When a woman says she is a feminist and begins to say things that have no place in a sensible, normal and traditional African home
then the unsuspecting should be careful.
This class of over westernized feminists are living a lie. They do not practice what they preach. In the past, they have told us women
should not be washing cloths for their husbands; women should not
be cleaning the house. Now they have invented another one - wives
need not know how be cook.
ALEX PETER does not have a problem with these views. As a matter of fact, it is fine if a woman does nothing at home. I only pity young, innocent and credulous women that will be indoctrinated by these feminists. One does not need to travel to America to know that American wives cook for their husbands and children, Just watch American family movies.
There is nothing wrong in the man cooking for the home. It happens
everywhere. But there is everything wrong when the woman cannot cook
well. It is not only wrong in an African society. It is wrong in America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Marriage is voluntary. There is no compulsion in marriage. Any religious or cultural approval for
forced marriage is evil, anachronistic and unacceptable.
Dear feminist,
you actually have a choice if you find the very things your own mother, grand mother and great grand mother used to do happily in their homes to be uncivilized and burdensome, do not marry. Forget about marriage. You can live comfortably and happily without a family.

To the innocent ladies out there, before you get indoctrinated by these feminists, ask Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie who is a renowned feminist
whether she knows how to cook, wash cloths, clean the house and
cater for her husband and new born baby. Meanwhile, there is nothing wrong in using a washing machine if you can afford one. But if you and your husband cannot afford it, the hands are available, use them proudly. Till date, people still cook good food with firewood.
I am not in any way suggesting that certain family responsibilities are
exclusive to women (except child bearing).
The point is that there are things that our feminists should not
be talking about.
If you find any feminist that practices all that she preaches, specifically, if you find a feminist that does not do the things I highlighted above
(cooking, washing, cleaning, etc) and is living happily with her husband and children, please draw my attention to the person.
Till then, be real and stop deceiving yourself on social media."

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