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Greetings Everyone,
Ahmadu Emmanuel Oluwasayomi
fondly known as Mr Voiceover, is a talented, prolific and award-winning Voice-Over Artiste. He sparkles in every sense of being successful. His mellifluous voice is unmistakable as it wafts through the air. In possession of an impeccable diction, creative capacity and distinctive leadership acumen.
He is an exceptionally intelligent and diligent personality. He has also been as one of the men of influence in the media. A household name on media Mr Voiceover (as He's fondly called) has been through the whole grind; a newscaster, programme anchor, news and programme producer, script writer and voice-over artiste. Not one to be consumed by his role. He's more than ready to take on any English audio-recording project from any industry and start working with you.
His voice has been described to be many things at once — warm and energetic, friendly and smooth, sensual and casual. Yet, one truth stands out: the compelling quality and simple versatility in his voice contributes to his ability to tell the right story.
Not only is this seasoned English voice-over talent known for natural articulateness, expert voice control abilities and genuine acting ability. Emmanuel's wide-ranging experience in broadcasting has earned his impressive listening and speaking proficiencies and a natural delivery punctuated by a normal pace and a certain brand of vocal confidence not found in many freelance voice artists today.
He Joined The Voiceover Industry Having An In-born Ability To Write Scripts And Do Voiceover Without A Coach.
A year after his endorsement in the industry, One Of His Works Got Sponsored For Over 2 Years On The Largest Television Station In Africa And On Several Radio Stations Across Nigeria.
He's a registered member of various national and international bodies such as; Association Of Voice-Over Artiste Of Nigeria (AVOAN), Nigeria Voice Bank, VOICE123-Suite 488 Califonia USA, Edgestudio Consults-New York City.
He has voiced numerous works (on hire) for Advertising Agencies, Production Companies, New Media Companies, Localization Companies, Radio Station, Television Station, Movie Industries, Private Individual across the globe.
Some of his clients are; Confuence FM, MultiLife Drinks Nigeria, Grace FM, Prime FM, UNIBEN FM, Glide N' Prime Consults, Savid Group Nigeria, University Of Benin Nigeria, Redeemed Christian Ministry Nigeria, Deeper Christian Life Ministry Nigeria, St Mosco Comedian -(Award-winner of the 2015 best comedian of the year [North-Central Nigeria]) and so many others.
His wide-ranging experience In voice acting has earned him an impressive listening and speaking proficiencies and a matural delivery puntuated by a normal pace and a certain brand of vocal confidence not found in many Voice-Over Artistes of today. The compelling quality and simple versatility in his voice contributes his ability to tell the right story with natural articulateness and expert voice control ability.
He studies Theatre Arts and Mass Communication at the Premier University, University Of Benin, Nigeria. He is currently an OAP (Presenter, Newscaster Voice-Over Artiste) at UINIBEN 100.1 FM.
The compelling passion to contribute to his world has made him own a company named PRIME VOICE-OVER INTERNATIONAL
He is a Movie Actor, young Entrepreneur and Business Consultant.
He has contributed immensely to the world Voiceover Industry and other media outfits With His Unique Voice suitable for Radio/TV commercials, Audio Books Movies, Documentaries, Websites, Promos, Voicemail, Cartoons, Newscasting, Official Presentations, Corporate Productions, E-Learning projects, Animations, Phone Prompts, IVR -Interactive Voice Response, On-Hold messages, Auto Attendant messages, DVDs, Video audio & narration, Podcast audio, Computer games, Talking Books & Voice to Picture and others.
He is Simple,Honest,Friendly,creative,Trustworthy, Respectful And God-fearing.

Check out his voice over below


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