Uc Update : Dignity is a Lie - Desmond Dessi

Dignity is a lie
Sanity tilt, decency flies
At night,its not the fellowship
Our youths has lost it
Our fellowship still preach it
Picking your books going back to the hostel
You are picking your pants instead
That medical complex storey
Rather, story
Strip your clothes away in total
From head to toe
Undergraduates not learned enough
Just because of fun

Dignity is a lie
Outside look with a different mind
Condemn things and adore same things in secret
When we attend church just to see the pastor
Who is your God?

Dignity is a lie
Am not holy
I know the right thing
Life is not hard
Even you control another being, your shadow
Get control of your mind too
Your imagination may just be the cause of your sin.

Dignity, lost word
No meaning
We know the truth
We choose the near lie
Live a happy life
Nothing lost
Dignity is a lie
You know the truth.

desmond Dessi
Political Science 300Lvl

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