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You wanna be admitted into the greatest Uniben for 2016/2017 session, this is for you!!! - KOME PRODIGY

You wanna be admitted into the greatest Uniben for 2016/2017 session,,this is for you...

Get your PUTME form and register as soon as possible beforw the registration closes..make sure u use a red background passport to aviod issues during ur clearance.

Get the PUTME Past questions and answer them
locate your venue bfor the day of ur exams so u wont be a victim of Had I Know,,jus like the cases of many who will rada choose to locate their venue that dae and most atimes are victims of late comers or perhaps wont even get to write their exams.

Since ur exams will be CBT,the venues wont be hard to locate cos UNIBEN will sure use venue with system and such venues are MTN Library jus beside the main Librtary,ICT building where u eventually locate Delta class,Rivers class,Akwa Ibom class,cross Rivers class,PTDF building jus beside the ICT building and ADEC Hall A and B
be at ur venue say at least 30mins to ur stated time..
Once u enter the hall dont be scared jus have confidence and surely u gonna blast but if u are afraid even what u know u wont recollect anymore..

Obey ur invigilators

Login once u are asked to start and concentrate,,dothe once u know best first and settle down to do the others u aint sure about,,be time concious and work with speed and accuracy..

Remember to say a word of prayer bfor ur exams and jus after ur exams the exams aint hard,I have been there before and I know what am saying at the exams venue befor ur exams do not be a talkative(I mean engage in conversation related to the exams not otherwise) becos u gat ur future in ya hands that day If u messed up then u either stay at home for another year,go to a polytechnic or even a college or better still if u are that lucky ur Destiny will be uttered by the school Board...

This is not the time to play its a preparation time..

Success In ur forthcoming exams...

I remain my

Humble self ‪
I rep CSC Department UNIBEN
GOD Bless You all

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