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The Students' Unions and Associations is the medium of expressions between the students of the said association and the authorities at the helm (Staff). For example, the Faculty of Arts' Students' Association envolopes the students of the Faculty of Arts, and it is the second closest association to students after their departmental associations before the SUG, not to mention the different State Associations and Ethnic unions (kparakpor). These different associations have suffered difficulties in the past which has led to it's ban or suspension by the authorities.
For example, the recent rumoured ban of;
1. The Association covering the Department of Sociology and Anthropology.
2. The National Association of Agricultural Science Students (NAAS)
3. The Association covering the Department of Micro-Biology
The ban most times is as a result of failed leadership which has been the problem of the Nigerian State. But, it is also nauseating and regretable for scholars and learned students to exhibit acts contrary to the ethos of education. Several reasons can be accounted for the failed leadership of these associations, few amongst these are;
1. Misappropriation of funds - Many of our young leaders have become too money conscious and 'fantastically corrupt' that top of the priority upon emergence as a Students' Union leader is to feast on the collective wealth of the members of the Association, to the detriment of effective governance.
2.Inexperience - The purile attitude of leaders also contribute to the failure. It is important to know that Students' Union leadership goes beyond just been popular and good looking, it Permeates all facets of right living, keeping one's integrity and taking proactive measures to curb proactive challenges.
3. Disrespect for Constitution and abuse of power - Lack of understanding of the constitutional requirements of the office over time has led to the abuse of such office(s) by the occupant official(s)
4. Poor reading culture - Readers are leaders.
With these above listed, it is expected that corrective measures would be taken to ameliorate the hardship faced by members of the associations, and reduce the risk of losing priviledges of unionism in the associations.
On the 20th of January, 1961, President John F. Kennedy while delivering his inaugural speech said "In the long history of the world, only a few generations have been granted the role of defending freedom in its hour of maximum danger, I do not shrink from this responsibility, I welcome it."

Alex O. Peter
Dept. of History
Fac. of Arts

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