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Pt 1
She was a teenager, a minor who was intelligent and sane too
She worked,slept reading everyday, till her dream finally came through

She left home just after when she got admission,
Get the grades, graduate, was the ultimate prior ambition
. . .
( Some Months Later )
. . . .
( 1st semester - One Faithful day )

She woke in the morning, and she fantasized,
Looked in the mirror, admire her gifts and whispered santa tried

While standing, her phone rang, she picked and there,
Was a hello from the other side, but it was not adele.
It was the cutest guy in her class, who did ask to take her out
Calling to know her response, and she said a nope, with no shake and doubt,
They talked for a while before they cut the phone,
Had a sign of relief, turned around, and notice she was not alone.
Her best friend, whom already listened to the conversation, wanted to know who he was,
She told her everything, and asked her for advice, and her friend said it wasn't cool because,
He was rich, intelligent, has the money, and cute in fact. . . .

She quickly cuts in her friend, told her she wasn't gonna date for money and her friend said she should be smart.
Said She should go out with him or better still date him for the money, and get much in return,
Smiled and also said, she shouldn't forget to also let her have some in return.

Moments later her friend left, she gave her friends advice a thought
She felt they were real quite nice and just,
She needed the money, it could play a nice role to help out in school
So she figured out, just as her friend had said, she could squeze some cash if she went for the outing too,
So she text him back saying she changed her mind,
Saying she could make it, if there was a change in time,
He did text back, asked y she said no at first,
She paused, and said she had issues with her dress.
Saying time was a factor, she keeps in check
But if he wasn't okay with that, she might stick with her no as well
He apologized,
acted a gentle man, suggested another free time to see,
She eulogized
A bit, then she replied that she was okay and fine with it.
(She drops phone)

. . . . . To be continued!

Songwritter nel
-Management Science
Whatsapp :09037336684

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