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Its always a pleasure to bring to your notice happening around school, and the talk of the campus now is still the SUG ELECTION which has be slated to hold on April 22nd, 2016. The SUG election has never been this competitive according to some of the student and this somehow has resulted to various strategic method used by various candidates to prove their worth and also earn the vote of the student.

Few days ago, one the candidate SONIA OBASUYI vying for the position of the VICE PRESIDENT in this present SUG ELECTION, took it upon herself to serve the students in hostels by sewing for them for free, she attended to every hostel on campus and this consist of HALL 1, HALL 2, HALL 3 and HALL 4. She however got a good response as student brought out her clothes and it was carefully attended to.

So as always I took upon myself, to ask some student their opinion about her, and if they think she can do well with the position if she wins.

( Response below)

Saviour Rex

Well I think she's quite nice, and she's fit for the job. Hope she wins. .

Haven't seen her, was in my room when I heard she was doing the free sewing thing, some of my room mates, did go outside to check it out, with their clothes too lols. Well in my opinion I think she's worth it. I don't really know if she will work, but I just trust her to, at least to try her best if she wins. That's all

Lols, I just think she deserves it, don't know how to put it, when she speaks' you can see her giving her all, I mean she's actually willing to work, but that's my opinion. My prayer for her, hope she wins though.


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