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Its always with great pleasure, we bring you great and good news surrounding the school, especially when its something you need to be aware of.

At about 7:30pm this evening, one of the hostel 'HALL 3 to be precise' turned upside down literally as student in a way of voicing out their choice started chanting ARIGBE ARIGBE ARIGBE' who is one of the PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE in the SUG ELECTION from every block and corner in a way declaring their support for him.

I had an opportunity to meet some of the students, and ask why they so much believe in ARIGBE VICTOR and this below what they had to say'

In quote'

"Bros, Arigbe na the guy for that position, na only am we want"

- Tony

"Evening, this is my 4th year in the University Of Benin, I am proud to be here, its a privilege being here, and thanks to God I have witnessed some elections, and this is why I think ARIGBE VICTOR is the right man for the position of being the President.

-He is accessible, I have known him enough to beat my chest while saying this.
-He is compassionate, you can actually tell he wants to work.
-He is a student, he knows the pain of the student, he knows the struggle of the student.
-He is a good listener, always willing to listen, and you know my friend a good listener is a good leader.

These are just few of his characteristics I can tell from afar and a few times I have met him in person.
I really hope the student also realize his willingness to work and support him"

- Endurance aka Kasiko

So tell me what do you think ?

What's your opinion on ARIGBE VICTOR???

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  1. Arigbe Victor is humble. He's fit for the position.


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