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Uc SUG Election : Reason why SUG Election was postponed.

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After the SUG Election was postponed which attracted different opinion from different students, the aspirants held a meeting with the dean of student, and the result of their meeting was posted by one of the the aspirants. .

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"Thanks to all the aspirants who were at the car pack this morning, The Dean of students, UNIBEN PRO.

From what I gathered, the reason for the postponement of the election was based on security threat on campus (What baffles me is that were they not aware of this before coming up with 13th as the election date?).

Management said they are committed to boosting up security on campus and thereafter have the election conducted. They assured us that no caretaker committee will be set up. That is to say the election MUST hold.

I'm of the view that they be given one week to see to security challenges on campus ( Even though they ought to be aware of this before fixing 13th April as the election date). My reason is that if we insist that the election should be conducted as scheduled and anything negative happens or the election rigged due to electoral malpractices, we'd have no course to register our displeasure or dissatisfaction. Management would say after all they pleaded that the election be postponed but we refused.
I believe in our Dean, let's hold him by his words.
Stay out of troubles, help keep UNIBEN peaceful and safe for us all.

God bless Nigeria,
God bless UNIBEN,
God bless UNIBEN students.
ARIGBE VICTOR. (Presidential Aspirant)

Note : this was culled from one the uniben whatsapp group.
Have a Nice Day.

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