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Uc Exposure : 18 + (How It Has Ruin Many Lives)

Hello everyone!!!

Over the years many have argued if age is the right definition to maturity, it has been an unending argument, but the truth is that, age plays an important role to maturity. I am sure many of you will be amaze with the catching title "18+" and perhaps must have been pondering over it. Meanwhile it has become a trend in the society where they are restraints to young adult below the age of 18, some are positive and others might be regarded as negative.

For instances, this days we see some erotic pictures or video and they have the 18+ sign which means that any person from the age of 18 has the right to view it. This is what the media houses, social media, peer groups and even families has posed on those who are not 18+ and sometimes you "feel" like you are missing out big time. My concern is to talk about how this trends has destroyed many youth who feels they are mature enough to watch or view such erotic materials, or those who feel they are spiritual enough not to be tempted.

Some days ago I was checking updates like I usually do on the internet, suddenly I came across a particular post and the heading was 18+ only. Anyways I opened the post after all I'm above 18, so I checked the details and it was completely an unclad (nude) pictures all in the name of promoting a brand, it was really pathetic (if you care to know, I had to close the page). Anyways I said within me "how 18+ has ruined so many lives".

The point I am trying to make is that, some other teenagers/youths stumble upon such things and spend more time watching, paying close attention to unclad pictures simply because the society in which we find ourselves have justified their actions just because they are 18+, and is really pathetic on how the society in which we live in today promotes immoral acts and give the younger ones license to it with the 18+ mentality, causing a psychological effect to our young ones. 18+ has given most teenagers the "legal right" to have access to some information that are unhealthy to their minds.

You wonder why teenagers are not really passionate about God, they find serving God boring not because it is really boring, but because their hearts has become hardened. Now what you see and hear can cause one's heart to be hardened towards the things of God. You can't spend all your time surfing the internet and watching 18+ videos, pictures etc. and expect to have the same result with one who is studying the word, reading Godly/inspired materials online. Therefore one will really find serving God boring because he feeds himself with the wrong information and his mind corrupt over time. You can't be doing the wrong thing and expect a positive result.

The devil will always tempt you of what you are mindful of or lust after (see Hebrews 11:14-15, James 1:14). If you spend your time watching the 18+ videos, pictures (including some songs full of immoral lyrics) certainly be aware that you will be tempted along that line, and that's why it is important to be careful with what your five senses could comprehend, beyond doubt I believe the issue of immorality is a threat to our teenagers, the result of the 18+ is now very obvious among teenagers/youth, ranging from teenage pregnancy to even abortion, sexual abuse, drug addiction but to mention a few.

These are as a results of what you are mindful of and feed on daily. But if only you'd center your thoughts and be mindful (with your mind full) upon the Lord in contrast to the 18+, you will be better off accidentally than you've ever been on purpose.

Per-adventure you've been addicted to the 18+ videos, pictures or depressed as a result of been abused sexually, there is hope for you, God's grace is available to break every addiction and restore back your joy.

Written by Victor Moses

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