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To be frank, all of us need at least (and of course at most) one companion, someone we could fall back on in times of loneliness, when reading in night class becomes boring etc The guys do need this, and so do girls too!

So Let's discuss 10 ways to meet a nice date on campus.

The problem is how can someone (a girl in this case) get a nice guy who will love, cherish, admire, encourage, protect, educate, assist her, etc?
Below is 10 salient points as a suggestion and guide to getting a "Mr. Nice" for yourself. Getting a boyfriend is simpler than it seems to most people, just follow the guide:-

1. Make sure he is single: Falling in love with a guy/girl who has a lover wouldn't produce any result. To this fact, it is pointless hooking up to a guy/girl who is happily in a relationship. Don't forget that break up is a two-way progress. Make sure the guy/girl in question is not undergoing a break up. He/she might just be on rebound!

2. Take the first step: It is pointless delaying when you meet a guy/girl who has some things in common with you. Who doesn't like good thing? The more you wait, others might outsmart you. I disagree with the fact that only the "boys" should ask a girl; out. Any one can do the asking; boy or girl. So,if you love reading..get the person you have interest in to join you to the Library. If you love games, go with him/her to the parks. If you love shopping, why no shop together? "No dullin".

3. Make it a gradual process: Do not crowd your new friends, some people hate that. For whatever reason, no matter how much you seem to be attracted to them, take it slow. Go out with him or her every once in a while, then more often later with time. Don't make it an every day thing. Usually, if you hit it off really well and have a lot of fun together, the friendship will tend to automatically grow into more frequent visits. Just try not to be that girl/guy who looks too desperate.

4. Put up a smiling face always: Whenever he/she looks at you, smile no doubt, he/she will do it right back. Human beings respond faster to smiles than the opposite. So each time he/she looks at your smiling face, something deep within tells him/her that you are nice and approachable. A nice smile with an accidental eye contact can attract a surprising and life-changing "hello". I hope you got me right?

5. Be Approachable: Some people naturally have problem meeting/approaching guys/girls. To simplify this for every guy/girl that may come your way, build bridges, not walls around yourself.It's imperative that you be unique because you'll stand out more. Do nothing at first but lock eyes, smile, and turn your attention elsewhere. Be disciplined and wise enough to know that if you give in to your physical attraction and pursue him/her before he's/she's had to invest any amount of time getting to know you, then you lose.

6. Engage him/her into talk: A good use of your language and communication skills from now henceforth can make all the difference in your relationship life. New friends won't know you are great unless you arouse their curiosity. Leave him with few words and know that it's ineffective to blab on about every detail about yourself because you'll leave him with nothing to be curious about!

7. Keep going to him/her: He/she needs to be convinced that you are what you claim to be. One visit is not enough, do it and keep doing it. Time will tell, no mater how hard it seems.

8. Find out what he/she needs: It would unlucky to chase after this guy/girl just to find out he/she likes somebody else already. Make sure that he/she either likes no one (because then you have a chance to make him/her fall for you) or that he/she likes you, which he/she probably won't tell you,( for the time being just to play hard to get ).

9. Show him/her why you are good for him: Guys tend to like girls who are very feminine, but chill. Find out what he likes and do it with him. Spot similarities and things you share in common. It tells more on your compatibility.

10. Others things you need to know: The few lines above describe my tactics. I used these ideas earlier, and for sure it worked. Reveal things about yourself while telling an anecdotal story. Do not harshly criticize him/her. If he/she makes a bad joke, don giggle much about his flaws, be polite in correcting him/her. And lastly, though not the least, be yourself.

Most importantly, when you finally get a good guy/girl, don't cheat on him or her by dating other guys or girls. It pays to keep the trust.


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