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I got punched by a girl yesterday for refusing to refer toEKEHUAN CAMPUS as University of Benin. Seriously, the punch was so heavy I felt my brain twistingly straighted – if you know what I mean by the"not so English"words, you wouldn't say that grammar is wrong.

Basically, after 1 hour trying to convince me to pay a visit to Ekehuan Campus of the University of Benin, I agreed. I don't want to bore you with the kind of heat that frustrated my skin while I was heading to ekehuan from ugbowo. I rather bore you with how I entered the wrong bus going to New Benin instead of Ring road, thanks to the bus driver who seriously didn't tell where he was going… I was the only person that he didn't tell mehn!. Boring right?

About 40minutes later, I was standing in front of a gate just along Ekehuan road and beside the gate is"Welcome to EKEHUAN CAMPUS". I was expecting the gate to be as busy as the one at Ugbowo but all I could notice were the beautiful ones that obviously have been born going in and out of the gate. I spent 12 hours in the campus and I must say that I wished I could spend more, yes the girl that invited me contributed to the "wish" but let's pretend I went alone. Below are top 10 things that wowed me.

1. TALENT: Just a minute walk from the gate were students totaling about 12 (9girls, 2boys and 1 I couldn't decide whether she was HUMAN) doing a ACAPELLA together. Their voices were so harmonious that I stood directly opposite them to hear them better. I must have looked like one escaped LION from Jos but who cares? I don't like regrets, and I would have regretted not taking a stand to appreciate one of the"not so human"because she was Beautiful, I had never seen a Nigerian with such a…. Alright, I swear their voices was cool. This doesn't happen in UGBOWO at all, who you wan do acapella with? Church choir abi who? Next…

2. LOW SPENDING: Sincerely speaking, Ekehuan campus is a tad bit bigger than the Faculty of Engineeering. With this in mind, they don't have shuttles or cab. Nothing like 20naira everyday to class or 100naira cab because you can't wait for the bus or you want to act big. Everybody in that campus can like to TREK ehn!...

3. FREEDOM: I took a stroll to the hostel of residence and I was shocked to see a girl lying on the bunk that was meant for boys. As in, I was told "some" girls even sleep over in boys hostels but boys hardly do that. Eyssss… Not all the girls.

4. NO OBTAINERS:I took a stroll to see a friend that stays off K and I left her house by 9pm. Unto Ekosodin matters, I buried my phone and ATM card in my skinny chinos. Even after I was told the"GUY SHOW"crew weren't around there, I had to be watchful.

5. HOSTELS: Four to a room the size of an average Hall II/III room that originally take in 8students. Need I say more?

6. COMMON ROOM: Last session, Hall III and IV brethren were gushing of how tushed up their common room was. Me sef join boast to my friend wey dey Unilag say our common room get Flat screen TV and full DSTV subscription. When I got to ekehuan common room ehn!!!.... 3 Flat screen TV, PS4, AC and most especially… It's not restricted to a gender. Do you know that jackopites from ugbowo come to this common room to read? Now you know.

7. STATUES: I was told they come alive at night, but even at that, they are beautifully created.

8. GIRLS: Let's pretend that the title of this piece is"10 Things I LIKE"… Nah, how can I love girls? Seriously, Ugbowo girls dey learn for wia Ekehuan girls dey – In terms of MAKE UP sha.

You see, there's enough reason to visit again


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